May 1, 2016
'Southside With You' Trailer: See President Obama's First Date With Michelle

Whether you're a fan of President Obama or not, one cannot deny his marriage with First Lady Michelle Obama is undeniably cute. In the new film, Southside With You, fans of the "First Couple" will get an inside look at their amazing first date in the south side of Chicago in 1989. The film, which was executive produced by John Legend and written and directed by Richard Tanne, stars Parker Sawyers and Tika Sumpter as the young Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson.

This is Sawyers first big role in a film but you may recognize Sumpter from the Ride Along movies and Tyler Perry's The Have and the Have Nots. It's clear from the trailer that these two were perfectly casted, as the chemistry between them is just as cute as the real chemistry between the President and his First Lady today.

Southside With You is the perfect combination of history and a love story. The trailer begins with Michelle getting ready for her "non-date" with Barack.

"He's the summer associate I told you about," she says, as she tries to convince her family it's not a date. "He invited me to a community event."

Barack then arrives late to pick up Michelle and he's already starting off on the wrong foot.

"I was hoping you wouldn't notice," he says.

"I expected it," Michelle responds. "You were late for your first date of work."

Michelle is tough and Barack does not get off easy, even if he is going to be president one day. Things don't get much easier for him as Michelle takes notice of the hole in his car and constantly reminds him that they are, in fact, not on a date. Thankfully our future president didn't back down from the challenge.

'Southside with You' Trailer
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]What was supposed to be a simple visit to a community meeting, Barak quickly expands into an adventure. He suggests they go to the art center to look at paintings and "grab a bite to eat" since they have some time to kill. Although Michelle continues to try to resist she inevitably lets herself be taken on the date of a lifetime.

While viewers watch Michelle and Obama get to know each other, and fall for each other, they're also shown the characteristics and big dreams that led both President Obama and the First Lady to become the influential leaders they are today.

Barack explains to Michelle that he came to Chicago because he wanted to try to make a difference and Michelle agreed.

"Maybe I'd help woman," she says. "Empower them."

It's amazing to see how both Barack and Michelle have achieved their dreams and continue to work towards them. Whether you believe President Obama's policies are good and bad, we all have to agree he's made a difference. Similarly, with the multitude of initiatives Michelle has taken up to help women, such as her "Let Girls Learn" campaign, it's clear that she's still trying to empower women today.

Southside with You doesn't just show us a young Barack and Michelle's career aspirations. As a love story it also gives fans a close up look into a relationship that is so heavily guarded. Southside with You gives fans the story of Barack and Michelle, before the world knew who they were.

The beauty of Southside with You, is although it takes place almost 30 years ago, it still feels relevant today, not just because these characters are people we know, but because the topics discussed are major points of discussion. Michelle is still working towards more rights for women but now on an international scale. Similarly, President Obama is still trying to make a difference before the end of his eight year presidency.

Although there's varying opinions about President Obama, Southside with You is a film that could be enjoyed by all. Filled with love, humor, and history, it seems like a summer blockbuster hit. Southside with You hits theaters this August.

[Photo by Get Lifted Film Company]