Perrie Edwards Takes Tour Break To Perm Hair, Visit Family, Ignore Zayn Malik

Perrie Edwards has been enjoying a nice vacation since the first leg of Little Mix’s Get Weird Tour ended around April 23 in Sheffield; but now, right before the third leg of the tour, she will have Zayn Malik thrust in her face.

Since their famous breakup last year, there have been several headlines about Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards in April despite the fact that she has repeatedly said she was over him forever.

Nonetheless, as soon as the event was announced, the media was delighted to connect the dots about Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards both performing at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in June.

Perrie Edwards is currently on vacation.

The Daily Mail describes the upcoming event as Perrie Edwards coming “face-to-face” with Zayn Malik, but Perrie is likely more worried about being a style icon or addressing the needs of her fans than Zayn.

On top of that, Perrie Edwards will likely not have time for Zayn Malik because Little Mix will be resuming tour in Sweden on June 12… the night after the Capital FM Summertime Ball on June 11.

Alternatively, there might be drama at the June event because things are not necessarily cool between Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik. For example, Perrie Edwards recently stated she felt “tormented” by Zayn Malik a couple of weeks after he released Mind of Mine, according to Belfast Telegraph.

Contrary to this, J-14 stated around April 14 that Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik were still texting each other, according to rumors from insiders. However, it was also revealed that Zayn Malik’s current girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, is not “the jealous type but… if Zayn was talking to Perrie she’d know about it.”

Regardless, it appears Perrie Edwards is over Zayn Malik, and there are rumors that Little Mix’s song “Hair” is about Zayn, according to Look. Despite this, Perrie Edwards has not named Zayn Malik directly, but says the song “Hair” is about “an ex” that was “a bad guy” and she “knew it” all along.

Speaking of hair, Perrie Edwards continues to be a style icon, and was recently praised for her new curly “retro” hairdo, according to Metro. Perrie Edwards also got praise from Cosmopolitan for showing off her freckles on Instagram.

Perrie Edwards might do a curly hairdo again

Style and exes aside, Perrie Edwards has been relaxing on her break from the Little Mix Get Weird Tour by taking a trip down memory lane. The ladies take off for Australia around May 23, and until then, Perrie Edwards can do as she pleases. For instance, the Dorset Echo says Perrie Edwards was in Weymouth, most likely visiting relatives around April 29.

Of course, Perrie Edwards might need to rebuild her strength because there was a lot of drama to deal with on their first leg. For example, Mirror reported around April 18 that many of Perrie Edwards’ fans were disappointed that Little Mix concert tickets did not necessarily give them a view of the stage.

In addition, Little Mix caused a stir with fans because they canceled a concert in Belfast, according to the Ireland Independent.

Although there may be some disappointments for Perrie Edwards and Little Mix in these regards, Simon Cowell is likely glad to have them around. According to Irish Examiner, the auditions for Simon Cowell’s X Factor had surprisingly few applicants and there have been speculations by Guardian and others that Simon Cowell’s empire is winding down.

Nevertheless, if this is the end of the road for Simon Cowell because One Direction went on break and few other Syco musicians are making hits, at least Perrie Edwards and Little Mix are helping to hold up Syco Records.

In fact, Little Mix is in a top-20 concert list, according to a Chron and Associated Press’ report from April 29. Although Little Mix is at number 11 with a gross of $764,519 for their Get Weird Tour so far, their average ticket price of $48.90 is the second-lowest out of 20.

Madonna is number one on the list and also has the highest average ticket price at $216.01.

[Picture by Matthew Horwood/Stringer/Getty Images]