Texas Man Films Dramatic Moment He Narrowly Escapes Deadly Texas Floods, Water Splits Road In Half Behind Him [Video]

One Texas man is lucky to be alive after he narrowly escaped being washed away with the road as flood waters ravaged the area. Allen Childers was driving to work in Lindale, Texas, when he noticed the road begin to shift behind him. Childers got out of the vehicle to film the road as a crack formed from flood waters underneath. The dramatic moment that two large drainage pipes were carried away and the road split in half was captured on Childers’ cell phone as he looked on in shock, noting that he had just crossed that portion of the road moments earlier.

Allen Childers shared a video of the unexpected moment a paved road is split in half by rushing flood waters. Childers was on his way to work in Lindale, Texas, when he looked behind him to see that the road appeared to be buckling. After pulling to safety, Childers exited his vehicle and began filming the road as it began to crack. The video shows flood waters quickly pressing against two large drainage pipes located underneath the road. As the water pushes against the large pipes, the powerful water begins tearing the pipes from the ground. In the process, the road is split in half and the water carries the drainage pipes out of the ground along with a sizable portion of the paved road. The whole harrowing ordeal is captured on the video as Childers seems astonished at what he is seeing.

The man expresses his astonishment by saying “gosh dang” numerous times throughout the video and exclaiming “that is crazy” while continuing to film the startling scene. Other people in the video can be heard confirming the man’s account that he had just crossed over that portion of the road before filming, noting that he had “backed up” due to the high water ahead. However, after backing over the portion that would swiftly be washed away, the man noticed the drainage pipe beginning to lift from underneath the road.

“Oh my god, that is crazy. Thank you lord I got off that. I just moved just in time, I was just parked over there.”

Childers notes that prior to the incident, he had called his boss to tell him he was running late and quips towards the end of the video that he now has proof that he wasn’t making up the hazardous travel stories. He then says “alright Tyler, here’s your proof,” presumably referring to his boss.

While Allen Childers and those stopped on the road with him were fortunate to escape the Texas floods unharmed, the floods did claim the lives of five people in Palestine, Texas. On Saturday morning, the floods caused a creek near the home of 62-year-old Lenda Asbery to overflow while she slept inside with her four grandchildren. Sadly, the grandmother would pass away along with the four grandchildren, all aged between 6 and 9, as the deadly floods swept through the home.

“City crews found the five bodies near one of the homes before dawn after the floodwaters had receded. All other residents of area were accounted for.”

Grandmother & four grandchildren killed in Texas floods identified https://t.co/fk3RsBzC8q pic.twitter.com/tQhL8DZCXs

— Independent US (@IndyUSA) April 30, 2016

Reuters reports that the city received 7.5 inches of rain in less than an hour, resulting in the evacuation of seven area homes and the death of the grandmother and her four grandchildren. Mayor Bob Herrington says the he doesn’t ever recall seeing water rise so fast in such a short period of time and offered his condolences to the family of the deceased.

“I don’t recall ever seeing this much water rise so fast and in such a short period of time.”

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