May 1, 2016
Kidnap Victim: Friend Listens Over Phone As Woman Is Taken Away

A woman is talking to her friend when, suddenly, she screams for help. Reportedly, the kidnap victim was abducted from her home after work — by someone she knew.

In Dover, New Hampshire, around 3:25 a.m. on April 29, a woman came home from work. However, while she thought she was alone, she wasn't. As the woman talked with her friend, a kidnapper — 35-year-old Earl L. Shaffer — interrupted their conversation.

Apparently, the kidnap victim and the man had a past together, and he was legally forbidden to be around her. Yet, even with a restraining order against him, her ex-boyfriend was hiding on her premises at Cherrywood Drive. According to WGME-13 News, the kidnap victim's friend immediately called emergency services and requested a welfare check.

However, once law enforcement authorities arrived on-scene, the kidnap victim, her vehicle, and the kidnapper were gone. That's when police officers began to search for her. The woman's family members also mentioned that they didn't know of her location.

Yet, approximately an hour and a half later, authorities located the woman. During an interview, the kidnap victim mentioned that Shaffer forced her into her own car. The ex-boyfriend also took the woman's phone. And, while he drove her vehicle through Dover and Rochester, he held the kidnap victim against her will. However, eventually, he allowed her to leave. Upon retrieval, authorities also collected evidence, which helped lead officers to the kidnapper's location.

Although this evidence was recovered, Police Lieutenant Brant Dolleman could not offer any details about that particular element of the investigation. Yet, around 5:12 a.m., Dover police arrived at the kidnap suspect's residence. Fosters News reports that authorities took Shaffer into custody without any issue.

Once processed, he was charged with kidnapping — which is a Class B felony. Also, authorities stacked other charges against the 35-year-old kidnapper, including the following.

  • violation of a protective order
  • two counts of simple assault
  • theft
  • taking without owner's consent
  • and operating after suspension.
According to the source, the kidnap suspect is being held without bail at the Strafford County House of Correction. Likewise, he is awaiting arraignment by the Strafford County Superior Court. The kidnap suspect's arraignment takes place on Monday, May 2, at 8:45 a.m.

Fosters News reports as follows.

"The case is being investigated by the Dover Police Department's Special Investigations Bureau. Anyone with information about the subject or the incident is asked to call Dover Police at (603) 742-4646. Anonymous tips may be sent to the Dover Crimeline at (603) 749-6000."
The Dover Police Department gives information regarding its judicial process and what could happen with this particular kidnapping case. It states as follows.
"After there has been an arrest, the abuser will have an arraignment where a plea of guilty or not guilty is entered. If a not guilty plea is entered, then a trial date will be set up. The victim will be subpoenaed to testify regarding the assault. The trial will be approximately 6-8 weeks later.

"A follow-up interview will be conducted by a police detective 2-3 days after the arrest. This involves interviews with the victim, witness(es) and photos of injuries. A victim advocate will be assigned to the case and will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding your case.

"If the case proceeds to trial a prosecutor from the Strafford County Attorney's Office will evaluate the case to determine if your testimony is needed to obtain a conviction. The prosecutor may go forward without your testimony. A judge will then determine a sentence if there is a guilty finding."

All in all, which verdict do you think the kidnap suspect will render during his arraignment? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Image via Strafford County House of Correction]