i.TV offers a movie and TV guide for the iPhone

i.TV has launched a new movie and TV guide service for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

i.TV delivers users relevant and up-to-date TV and movie listings based on their current location and other customizable settings. The service includes rich background information for most programs, including celebrity photos, biographies, show synopses, ratings, and reviews. Users can sort options that make it easy to organize television listings according to categories such as channel, show, and genre.

On the social side, i.TV includes a number of community features, including the ability to recommend shows to friends via email, star ratings and user reviews. The app also delivers trailers and other rich media so users can interact around that, or just sit back and taste test.

The app should be available on iTunes shortly if you’re in the US or Canada, and the price is a winner: completely free.

Louis Gray has some screenshots.