May 1, 2016
'The Next 15' Star Laura Govan Accused Of Lying About Gilbert Arenas On Reality TV After Making A Mockery Of Her Cooking On Instagram

Gilbert Arenas is fighting back after he claims Laura Govan made up some pretty nasty stories about him while filming The Next 15 for TV One. According to the former NBA star, Laura has been spreading lies on her new reality series in order to amp up the drama, but he can prove that her reality is more fiction than fact. Gilbert's social media response hasn't been limited to just the alleged lies that have been told on him, though. He takes shots at Govan's Instagram posts, specifically the ones showing off food she has made, with no mercy.

The Shade Room recently reported on Gilbert Arenas' response to several accusations made by Laura Govan while she was filming The Next 15 for TV One. Unfortunately, Arenas already deleted the Instagram account, but not before several outlets grabbed screenshots of his rant about Govan's claims about his parenting, as well as a pretty funny dig at hers.

While she was on The Next 15, she told a disparaging story about her ex-husband Gilbert Arenas and how he had locked her and the kids out of their house. There are even pictures of Laura Govan on social media to supposedly prove that he was to blame for her locked out. In his lengthy post, Gilbert responded to that allegation and claims that he was with his kids that night and was actually celebrating one of their birthdays, proving that her story about Gilbert's mistreatment was completely made up for her reality TV gig on TV One.

Arenas' retaliation came just days after he took a huge dig at Laura Govan's cooking skills. Govan posted a picture of a dinner she prepared for her kids. It turns out that even her fans thought the thrown-together dish looked like a struggle plate, prompting Gilbert to add his two cents to the relentless jokes about the unappetizing dish.

Like Gilbert Arenas' Instagram account, the picture of Laura's most unappetizing meal has also been deleted, but not before Hip Hollywood took screenshots. Laura Govan called the meal sausage fettuccini alfredo but, in reality, it looked like smoked sausage, ramen noodles, and bottled ranch dressing.

There were a lot of comments about Govan's struggle meal and Gilbert was among them. "LMAO is it tues ALREADY? #BreakfastSausageBroccoliandNoodles...she serving that s8*t they eat on #orangeisthenewblack for good behavior hahaha. (is my kids DONE eating or is they FINISHED) U better put some #RESPEK on they plates hahaha," Arenas posted in the comments section of the photo. Now Laura's struggle plate picture has been deleted, as well as Gilbert Arenas' Instagram account.That leads many to wonder if this is part of that co-parenting class that The Jasmine Brand reported that Arenas and Govan were taking earlier this month. It didn't seem to help stop Gilbert from popping off on Instagram when he was angry with Govan about the things she said on The Next 15.

At least their feud stopped quickly and Gilbert even got rid of the account he was using to badmouth the mother of his children publicly when they are trying to get along for the sake of their kids. As far as Laura Govan's claims that Gilbert locked her and the kids out in the rain like he refuted, maybe she'll come clean about any extra acting she put into that story for reality TV.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images]