‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: May Sweeps Bring Shocking Returns & Storylines

May is finally here in the world of soaps, and Days of Our Lives is planning some big storylines to keep up with their competitors during sweeps. Nearly all the big characters will be involved in the fun, which will include some shocking returns to Salem, and even some scary moments.

According to Serial Spy, things are about to heat up in Salem after a rather stale few weeks. Perhaps the most beloved character on the show, Hope Brady will be getting a huge shock as her former fiancé, Aiden Jennings, will be returning to the show.

Days of Our Lives fans will remember that Aiden was shockingly killed by Hope’s now late husband, Bo Brady, after trying to kill Hope on their wedding night. However, since he’s returning to the show, it is safe to say that it wasn’t really Aiden that was killed by Bo. Perhaps the DiMera family found an evil doppelganger to carry out their devilish plan of killing Hope. It seems that fans will find out very soon as Aiden is due back in Salem.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Aiden Jennings returning to Salem. [Image via NBC]Aiden will cause a lot of problems for Hope, who is now entering a serious relationship with Rafe. Hope will likely be torn between the two men, and won’t know what to do or who to pick.

Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn will find their way back to one another, as Days of Our Lives fans have been waiting for them to do, and Joey and Ava will run away together to California, which will prompt Steve to go after them. Steve will also encounter problems when he sees Kayla starting to get close to Fynn.

Another teen couple, Ciara and Theo, will also continue to grow closer, even though Theo’s father, Abe, won’t be happy about his son falling so hard for Ciara, who is currently in a downward spiral after being raped by Chase Jennings, Aiden’s son.

Days of Our Lives viewers will also get to watch Nicole work her magic, as she will leave Deimos conflicted between the woman he’s been seeing, Kate, and the one who looks exactly like his lost love. This will likely make Victor happy as he’ll feel his plan to get back at his younger brother is working.

Abigail and Chad’s story will also have people tuning in. Abby, who is currently in the middle of a mental breakdown, recently admitted herself into a mental hospital, where she’s not exactly thriving. Chad is raising their son, Thomas, on his own, and it’s already been revealed that Abby’s mother, Jennifer will try to get custody of the baby while Abigail is getting help.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Jack returning to Jennifer. [Image via NBC]Meanwhile, Jennifer will have a pretty intense storyline of her own. Days of Our Lives viewers have been watching as Jen’s addiction to pain medication has grown worse. She’s spiraling out of control due to the addiction, and it will get so bad that she’ll eventually hit rock bottom, and a familiar face will be there to help her.

Jennifer’s late husband, Jack Deveraux, will return during the month of May, and fans couldn’t be more excited. While Jen will likely be the only one to see Jack, because he’ll probably appear in memories or as a spirit, viewers are hoping that he’ll help Jennifer get her life back on track.

Perhaps the most shocking May sweeps storyline coming up on Days of Our Lives is the big epidemic that will be coming to Salem. The illness will hit Paul, Gabi, and Gabi’s young daughter, Arianna, first, and will lead to the hospital being quarantined.

Which storyline are you most looking forward to during May sweeps on Days of Our Lives?

[Image via NBC]