Movie Theater Bomb Threat Issued Nationwide At Carmike Cinemas

A bomb threat issued for movie theater chain, Carmike Cinemas, in multiple states set law enforcement officers springing into action earlier this morning. Details about the movie theater bomb threat are still emerging as police officers and bomb squads continue investigating the Carmike Cinemas threat. The movie theater headquarters in Georgia received a bomb threat call and immediately alerted law enforcement agencies as a precautionary measure, Fox News reports.

The movie theater bomb threat did not designate a certain movie or time but was specific to the Carmike Cinemas chain. According to police statements republished by Fox News 5 Atlanta, Carmike Cinema officials believe the bomb threat phone call came from a former employee.

Morris, Illinois first responders received an emergency call related to the movie theater bomb threat at approximately 9:30 am. Police, fire, and EMS personnel assembled at the Carmike’s Orpheum Theater on Gore Road. The Cook County Bomb Squad and K-9 units arrived on-scene around 10:40 am and are currently still searching the Carmike movie theater; no bombs have yet been found inside, the Morris Daily Herald reports. The Carmike Cinemas bomb threat has impacted at least nine movie theaters in Central Illinois thus far.

“We have received a bomb threat that specifically stated a Carmike theater had a bomb in it. The caller called corporate headquarters in Georgia and basically told them they had placed bombs in their theaters,” Morris Police Department Assistant Chief Harvey Van Cleave noted in a brief media statement.

CBS KPHO News reports that the movie theater bomb threat was issued to Carmike theaters nationwide. The Carmike Cinemas chain operates movie theaters in 35 states including many in Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Alabama. The Carmike theater bomb threat prompted police bomb squads to begin inspecting 236 theaters throughout the United States. Carmike Cinemas is the fourth largest movie theater chain in the country.