Boston Duck Boat Crash: 29-Year-Old Woman Dies After Her Motor Scooter Collides With Duck Boat

A 29-year-old scooter driver is dead after colliding with a Boston Duck Boat. The young woman was driving a motor scooter while carrying a male passenger when she made contact with the bright pink duck boat. The young woman was taken to the hospital, but later died from her injuries. The driver of the duck boat is now being questioned.

The Boston Globe reports that a popular Boston tourist attraction took a deadly turn today when a Boston Duck Boat, an amphibious sightseeing vehicle that can drive on water or land, collided with a couple on a scooter. The 29-year-old female driver sustained fatal injuries in the crash while the male passenger was treated for minor injuries. The incident occurred at the intersection of Charles Street and Beacon Street. Both vehicles were reportedly making right turns onto Beacon Street when the collision occurred.

Boston police report that the accident took place at approximately 11:30 a.m. and that the woman was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says that following the accident, it was apparent that the young woman had sustained serious injuries to her body.

“It looks like the bike got caught under his left front wheel. It looks like a terrible tragedy. The poor young lady looked like she sustained more serious injuries to her body.”

The accident is being investigated and the duck boat, scooter, two helmets, and woman’s shoe were all being marked by Boston crime scene investigators. The scooter was seen pinned under the pink duck boat’s driver’s side front tire.

In a bid to document the scene thoroughly, the accident location has been blocked off with yellow police tape.

Police have not released any information as to who was at fault in the accident. However, it was reported that the duck boat driver was taken by police for questioning. Evans says that police are still trying to determine if charges will be filed against the duck boat operator.

Meanwhile, Bob Schwartz, director of marketing and sales for Boston Duck Tours, says that the driver of the duck boat has no previous safety infractions with the company and has never been involved in an accident. It was also disclosed that the driver has worked for Boston Duck Tours for years. The marketing director also pointed out that in the Boston company’s 23-year history, a duck boat has never been involved in a fatal accident.

At the time of the accident it was reported that 26 to 28 passengers were on the duck boat. There are no reports of any injuries to duck boat passengers.

While this is the first fatal accident involving a Boston Duck Boat, this isn’t the first time that a duck boat has been involved in a deadly accident. Just last year, four international students were killed in Seattle after a charter bus and Seattle Duck Boat collided. Another deadly accident involving a duck boat occurred on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. The duck boat stalled in the water and was hit by a city barge. Two people were killed in the incident with 37 people being thrown into the water.

[Image via Twitter/ Boston Duck Tours]