April 30, 2016
Amid Family Controversy, Prince's Vault Opened

A little over a week following his tragic death, Prince's vaunted vault of unreleased musical work has been opened. It's reported that Prince's trove of once-entombed recordings are so numerous that a new album could be released posthumously from the "Purple Rain" singer each year for the next century.

Concerning his prolific recording prowess, Susan Rogers, Prince's former recording engineer, told ABC's Good Morning America, "We could put out more work in a month than most people could do in a year or more."

Even Prince Rogers Nelson admitted to his collection during a 2012 interview with The View, "One day, someone will release them. I don't know that I'll get to release them. There's just so many."

Unfortunately, Prince's words proved prophetic. Though the award-winning artist was never able to release his cache of hidden works, his mourning public can take solace in the fact of their recent unveiling.