August 23, 2017
Duchess Of Cambridge: Kate Stuns In Breathtaking Portraits As 'Vogue' Celebrates 100 Glamorous Years

The Duchess of Cambridge is to appear as the cover girl of British Vogue -- and the photographs are simply stunning. Kate will grace the cover of the 100th anniversary issue, which is out on Thursday, May 5.

Vogue tweeted the breaking news of the Duchess' photo-shoot this evening and the internet is already in meltdown over the beautiful pictures. Kate "appears in a 10-page shoot," writes Vogue. The photos were taken in January on the Queen's Sandringham estate, and the Duchess looks every inch the chic country girl.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Is The Cover Girl Of British Vogue's 100th Issue
[Image via Josh Olins/Vogue]The Duchess of Cambridge "was involved in selecting pieces for the shoot...along with Vogue's fashion director Lucinda Chambers and editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman." Kate is no stranger to the camera, but this is her first fashion magazine shoot. Shulman spoke about what it's like to work with the future queen.
"For me personally it has been a wonderful experience to have had the opportunity to work with her on this, and I am immensely proud of what we have produced. This special issue of the magazine is very close to my heart as it had to reflect on 100 years of British Vogue, and so I am hugely grateful that we have been able to continue with our tradition of outstanding royal portraiture with these pictures."
The pictures, some close up, some long shots, of Kate looking incredibly happy, were taken by Josh Olins. As well as appearing in Vogue, a select few of the pictures will hang in London's National Portrait Gallery as part of an exhibition to celebrate Vogue's centenary. The Duchess will visit the Gallery on "Wednesday May 4, to view the portraits in situ."

The Duchess Of Cambridge Is The Cover Girl Of British Vogue's 100th Issue
[Image via Josh Olins/Vogue]Nicholas Cullinan, Director of the National Portrait Gallery, spoke to Vogue about the photographs.
"Josh has captured the Duchess exactly as she is - full of life, with a great sense of humour, thoughtful and intelligent, and in fact, very beautiful."
The Duchess of Cambridge has been a gallery patron since 2012. She has a keen interest in photography, as can be seen by her adorable photos of Princess Charlotte taken earlier this year. A spokesman for the Duchess spoke about the shoot, reports the Daily Mail.
"The Duchess was delighted to play a part in celebrating the centenary of an institution that has given a platform to some of the most renowned photographers in this country's history. She is incredibly grateful to the team at Vogue and at the National Portrait Gallery for asking her to take part. She would like to thank Josh Olins for being such a pleasure to work with. The Duchess had never taken part in a photography shoot like this before. She hopes that people appreciate the portraits with the sense of relaxed fun with which they were taken."
A "sense of relaxed fun" is definitely what comes across in the photos. Kate is dressed casually, in smart "country" clothes, but the princess shines through in every picture.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Is The Cover Girl Of British Vogue's 100th Issue
[Image via Josh Olins/Vogue]The photos of the Duchess of Cambridge show a happy, contented woman; safe and secure in a joyous marriage with two adorable young children. Kate shines in front of the camera at formal occasions, yet these casual shots seem to suit her so much more.
"In a black-and-white close-up shot, the Duchess is wearing a black fedora hat from Beyond Retro and a charcoal brown double-breasted suede coat and white shirt, both from Burberry. In another, a colour photo shot in soft January sunlight, Kate is leaning on a rustic gate, wearing a black and red striped long-sleeved top from Petit Bateau and black Burberry trousers."
Just a day after the fifth anniversary of her fairy-tale wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge has blossomed into one of Britain's favorite royals; poised, confident and graceful. If you want to buy this issue of Vogue you had better put an order in -- it's sure to sell out fast.

[Image via Josh Olins/Vogue]