Katie Holmes Buys $14,000 Worth Of Lingerie, Moves Out Of California Mansion

Katie Holmes is recently single, and she’s ready to get back in the dating game. The Batman Begins actress reportedly just spent $14,000 on a closet full of lingerie as she prepares to start her new life sans Tom Cruise in New York.

News. AU reports that Holmes recently moved out of the home that she shared with Tom Cruise in Beverly Hills and has moved to New York City. With her ex-husband on the other side of the country, Holmes is ready to jump-start her life. She reportedly bought a new wardrobe, including $1400o of lingerie, and hired a new personal trainer.

A source said:

“She splurged on around $14,200 worth of sexy lingerie and undergarments alone. She also bought 15 pairs of pricey Christian Louboutin shoes and went on a tear at Barneys New York department store, buying a closet’s worth of clingy cocktail dresses and power suits to wear to auditions and meetings… and hired a personal trainer for $9,500 a month…. Her attitude is: ‘Look out New York, Katie’s back in the game!'”

Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise on June 29. Less then two weeks later, they had reached a settlement.

Now that Cruise is single, in a new home, and has a closet full of lingerie, the actress can get to work on getting her personal and professional lives back on track. In 2005, Holmes was at the peak of her career. She was coming off the hugely popular Dawson’s Creek and had landed a starring role in Batman Begins. After her marriage to Cruise in 2006, her star started to fade.

But Holmes is making a comeback. According to IMDB the actress has two movies in the works.

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