Samsung Galaxy S7 Home Buttons Easily Scratched While These Apps Help Users Get More

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 released to rave reviews by critics and users alike, Samsung seems to be back on top with what has become one of the best smartphones in recent times. Every smartphone has its problems though, and the Galaxy S7 is no exception. Users have discovered that the home buttons scratch easily.

International Business Times reported that both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge both had a problem with the home buttons being prone to heavy scratches. Although the home button is prone to the deep scratches, the area around the screen doesn’t attract these same types of scratches.

The material used to make the home buttons isn’t very durable and doesn’t withstand surface contacts very well. While the people at Phone Arena discovered this issue and pointed it out, some users have noticed it and complained about it too. Samsung is, however using a different type of glass material for other parts of its device.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, one of the new features offered with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is that Samsung developed a pink gold color to offer for their smartphone. This is similar to the same feature being offered by Apple’s iPhone. This color offering follows on the heels of Samsung wanting to take a stab at the already oversaturated Asian market. However, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has new features that other smartphones don’t have, including the iPhone.

The five new features the Samsung Galaxy S7 has that Apple’s iPhone doesn’t have is the ability to rearrange or replace the icons on the settings pane. A power saving mode, screen recording, and reminder notifications are some of the hidden features that are offered. One-handed operation makes phone use a breeze, and it’s very easy to activate.

Stuff reported that there were 10 different apps that Samsung Galaxy S7 users will want to download to their phones so they get more from them. Many of these apps are free, and the ones that aren’t can be acquired at a very low price.

The first is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Although the camera for the S7 is proven to take great photos, Lightroom allows users to tweak their photos and make them even better.

Samsung finally made a lot of tweaks to improve its presentation of Android, but there are third party apps that can make it better. Once such app is Nova Launcher. Although it isn’t free, it’s one of the best third party app launchers, and it supports thousands of custom icon packs that allow users to customize their Galaxy S7 the way they want. With custom gesture support, it allows users to customize even further.

Muzei allows users to customize their wallpaper by displaying different wallpapers for different feeds like Reddit. Wallpapers include beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and valleys. The best part is that this app is free. Flexy is another free app with great customizations that allow users to have a highly customizable keyboard with a minimalistic design. It offers multiple themes, and although some of them are gaudy, there are many sophisticated themes so there is something for everyone.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 isn’t just utilitarian though. It’s designed for fun, and for those who like games, Chameleon Run is a 3D autorunner that offers simple, yet challenging gameplay while supporting gorgeous visuals. Rounding out the list of apps are Infinite Design and the game, Beneath the Lighthouse.

[Photo via Samsung]