Brian Urlacher: I’ve Only Had One Knee Surgery

There’s a big question mark hanging over the Chicago Bears 2012-13 season: Will Brian Urlacher be ready to play? The heart of the Chicago defense recently underwent knee surgery, and, according to some reports, it was his third knee surgery in the last year.

But Urlacher insists that he has only had one surgery on his knee and that he’ll be ready to play on September 9.

Urlacher said:

“It’s the first time I’ve had something done on my knee… It’s a little different. But if I’m going to have something done, that’s the thing to be done.”

Urlacher, who recently split up from his Playboy girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, said that the surgery was minor and that he’d be ready to play in the Chicago Bears’ opener in three weeks.

Urlacher said:

“September 9th, September 9th. That’s all I care about. September 9th… It was a very minor surgery and there’s only a couple of stitches in there. That’s about it.”

Urlacher has missed several large chunks of the off-season as he tries to rest up his body for the 2012-13 NFL season. General manager Phil Emery said that the Bears initially thought that rest would be enough to get Urlacher ready but eventually decided that he would need to have his knee scoped in order to be ready for week 1.

Emry said:

“We decided it was best to be as conservative and careful as we could to give him the rest he needed. He had that rest. He felt better. He came back. He started practicing. He still didn’t feel completely comfortable with it. Consulting with Brian, talking to our team physicians and trainers, we decided to go ahead and move forward and have it scoped. Basically, a cleanup procedure to try to relieve some of the swelling so that the soreness would go away and Brian would be ready for the home opener.”

Do you think Brian Urlacher will be ready for the Chicago Bears’ season opener?