Mandy Moore Shares A Cute Throwback Picture From ‘A Walk To Remember’

Before Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling brought us to tears in The Notebook, Mandy Moore and Shane West first broke our hearts with A Walk to Remember. Based on Nicholas Sparks’ New York Times bestselling novel, A Walk to Remember told the love story of Jamie, the shy preacher’s daughter, and Landon, the typical high school bad boy.

Moore, a great and lovable 2000s pop star and the voice of Rapunzel in Tangled, played Jamie. Cast alongside Moore in the role of Landon, was Shane West, a 2000s teen heart throb that starred on the show Once and Again. West continues to be a heart throb, starring in shows such as Nikita and Salem.

If you haven’t seen A Walk to Remember yet (although seriously it’s Mandy Moore and Shane West! How could you not?) beware the spoilers. Just last Thursday, April 28, Mandy Moore hit us with a throwback Thursday photo that hit us all right in the feels.

Moore apparently took a prop from the set of the film back in the day, although she claims she doesn’t know how she ended up with it. What was the prop you ask? Well, it wasn’t that amazing telescope Landon put together for Jamie. It was something even better. It was Landon and Jamie’s wedding photo! Aw!

The movie came out 14 years ago, believe it or not, so it’s possible you don’t remember everything that happened. In the film, Jamie warns Landon not to fall in love with her but doesn’t tell him why. It is later revealed that Jamie has cancer, and it’s not getting better. One of the many wonderful ways Landon tried to be there for Jamie was to make her a telescope so she could see a one-time comet.

With Jamie’s father’s help, Landon is able to finish it in time and while Jamie and Landon view the comet, he proposes to her. They then get married in the same church that Jamie’s parents got married in before Jamie dies.

Mandy Moore and Shane West brought these characters to life in such a beautiful way that people still love and cry at this movie. It’s no surprise then that Moore’s posting of this throwback picture made fans feel emotional, reopening the wounds of many people who were teens in the early 2000s.

Jamie and Landon’s wedding day is the last time we see them together before Jamie dies. The picture is unbearably cute and nostalgic as both Mandy Moore and Shane West both look so young. Landon has become the definition of a perfect boyfriend for so many women over the years, and seeing this picture is only a reminder of how perfect he was.

According to Elle, Moore found the nostalgic photo while cleaning her house. If only we could all found throwback pictures of Shane West in our houses, we’d probably clean more frequently.

Mandy Moore even included a cute little shout out to Shane West in the caption stating, “Nice suit, @theshanewest!” Also, in case you were wondering, West still looks really good in a suit as seen in this throwback picture he posted of himself just last week.

It’s unbelievable that it’s been so long since Moore and West worked together on this film. Although we often here about The Notebook being the best Nicholas Sparks film, it’s safe to say A Walk to Remember holds its own. Filled with heartbreak, teen love, and some familial drama, A Walk to Remember has everything you could want from a good romance film.

Still, whether you’re watching Mandy Moore or Rachel McAdams, just know you’ll need some tissues.

[Photo by Warner Bros.]