The $399.99 Supersonic Hair Dryer That’s Quiet And Creating Buzz [Video]

There is a new hair dryer with a $399.99 price tag that is making a big buzz online and offline. As seen in the below Today video, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is demonstrated. As hair dryers go, this new high-tech hair dryer is pricey but reportedly quieter than other hair dryers. The $399.99 hair dryer is set to be released at Sephora later this year, in the fall. Whether the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer will be worth the $399.99 price tag remains to be seen — but it is being called innovative.

James Dyson is well known for the manner in which he created and designed vacuum cleaners, fans, and hand dryers that looked and operated much differently than the ones usually seen. Dyson has also innovated other household appliances. As reported by Today, James revealed his new Supersonic hair dryer in Tokyo, and afterward, big buzz followed.

The hashtag #DysonSupersonic already has more than 500 posts on Instagram. The comments flowing into the Dyson Hair Instagram account on their latest post, titled “Confetti showers” — which shows the new Dyson Supersonic hair dryer in a flurry of confetti — prove how much excitement the hair dryer is causing among consumers and professional hair stylists.

Most of the comments reflect the fact that people are excited for the new hair dryer and are eager to try it on themselves or their clients. There are also questions about when the hair dryer will be available in countries around the world.

tobysmilez: “I would like to see it blow dry someone with really thick curly hair straight.”

croftyshair: “Can’t wait to get my hands on this!! Want so bad! When will it be available in Canada?”

dyson@croftyshair: “Hi there, I don’t yet have a launch date available for Canada I’m afraid. But we can keep you in the loop with any news and information on Dyson Supersonic™. Just visit our website and register via the ‘Be the first to know’ link:”

Other questions prove that folks want exact launch dates based on their countries for the hair dryer, from Australia to Kuwait. Others wonder about the advantages of the expensive Dyson hair dryer over other hair dryers.

razordolls: “When and how long until we get this!!!”

shaima_beauty: “Will this ever be available in Kuwait? Dying to have this.”

toni_georgina@dysonhair: “What can this hairdryer do that the rest of your competitors lack?”

ponikuta: “We need this in Australia!!!”

As for exact launch dates, Dyson urged folks to sign up to receive email updates with the latest news, events, and launch dates for Dyson Supersonic™.

Either way, the buzz has hair dryer fans lusting to add it to their Dyson collection, or at least “fan out” and try the hair dryer at their own salons. According to Dyson, the hair dryer is launching soon but doesn’t offer a precise launch date. The new hair dryer has been offered under a limited launch.

Many of the comments show consumers tagging one another to inform their friends or coworkers about the new high-tech hair dryer. Some are amazed that it is even a hair dryer, with the unique design of the Dyson. Even those who claim to never use a blow dryer are commenting that they are interested in the new hair dryer due to the innovative design.

The $399.99 price tag varies based on the country the hair dryer is being sold from.

dysonhair@ldonahue4444 “The prices for the Dyson Supersonic are different for each country. Where are you located? Mira @ Dyson”

dysonhair@ldonahue4444 “The Supersonic price starts from $399.99. You can register your interest here:
Mira @ Dyson”

Dyson revealed that it took four years to develop the hair dryer, which is said to be smaller and quieter than other hair dryers — but with a strong air flow.

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