Six Alabama Children Left Orphaned After Both Parents Die Just 24 Hours Apart From Blood Clot And Heart Attack

Six young children from Alabama were left orphaned after they suffered the tragic loss of not just one, but both parents in just 24 hours. The Norsworthy family was devastated after their 40-year-old mother Jennifer Norsworthy died unexpectedly in her sleep from a blood clot. However, the situation only got worse for the children ages 6 through 20. The day after their mother’s tragic death, their 38-year-old father Toby Norsworthy would also die in his sleep from a heart attack.

The Daily Mail reports that six children were left without parents in Alabama after both their mother and father died in their sleep just 24 hours apart. The mother would die from a blood clot while the father was pronounced dead after a heart attack. Ironically, it was the same doctor and nurse that pronounced both Jennifer and Toby Norsworthy dead. Family members have stepped in from as far as Alaska to help care for the children.

The couple reportedly met 13 years ago in a Yahoo! chat room and immediately hit it off. The pair would marry three years after meeting in the chat room and spend much of their time volunteering together. They both loved children and Toby quickly took in Jennifer’s three children from a previous marriage, 20-year-old Quentin, 17-year-old Riley, and 13-year-old Bradley, as his own. The pair would also go on to have three children together, 11-year-old Mickey, 9-year-old Aurora, and 6-year-old Lainie.

Jennifer stayed at home with the six children while Toby worked as a computer programmer. Family members say that Toby and Jennifer were soul mates and that Toby likely died of a broken heart after losing his partner so tragically. The first death occurred late Friday night when Jennifer formed a blood clot in her sleep. The mother would die in her sleep from the clot and Toby would be left to care for the couple’s six children. However, the next night, as Toby laid down to sleep alone for the first time, he suffered a massive heart attack and would also be pronounced dead.

Jeanne Norsworthy, Toby’s aunt, says that family members are coming together to care for the young children and that she believes her nephew most certainly died from a broken heart. However, she says Toby and Jennifer are now together again.

” I knew Jennifer Norsworthy was his soul mate and his heart broke when she passed. They are together again. One of a kind and a sweetheart of a nephew.”

Prior to news of Toby’s death, Jennifer’s oldest son Quentin posted a tribute to his mother noting that she was a wonderful woman of God and a fantastic mother.

“In those 6 children including myself she instilled the values of life, she taught us how to be great men and women, taught us how to love everyone no matter what, and taught us that at the end of the day if your surrounded by the people you love then nothing else matters.”

The love that Toby had for Jennifer was obvious. He would spend much of his time on social media praising his wife and even posted a beautiful tribute to Jennifer just a week before her tragic death. The post outlined how his love for her made him believe in the “unconditional love of Jesus.” He goes on to say that God brought him to Jennifer in what he described as a “miracle” Yahoo! chat room encounter.

A GoFundMe account has been setup for Toby and Jennifer Norsworthy’s children. The funds are slated to be used for funeral expenses as well as securing the future of the couple’s six children.

“On the weekend of April 22nd, both Toby and Jennifer passed away within 24 hours of one another. They both had strong faiths in God, were vital members in their communities, and were such kind and gentle parents. They will both be greatly missed by these communities, friends and family. They leave behind 6 beautiful children. Please take the time to post a personal note to the family. Any donation would greatly be appreciated in helping offset any funeral costs and the future of their children.”

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