‘Madam Secretary’ Spoilers: Henry And Murphy Station Scramble As Bess And The President Consider Invasive Action On ‘Render Safe’

Madam Secretary spoilers for Sunday night’s show tease that lives will be in grave danger as the hunt for Jibral Disah continues. Henry and his Murphy Station team stayed in Pakistan despite an order to evacuate, and now Bess waits back in the United States to learn their fate. Where are things headed in the May 2 show?

As TV Guide details, Sunday’s episode is titled “Render Safe.” The last that viewers saw, the Pakistani government had fallen apart after a tweet by the foreign minister, and now there is grave concern about the country’s nuclear weapons. Henry, Jane, and Jose are in Pakistan trying to take down Jibral Disash, and they decided to ignore the evacuation order and pursue one more lead to try to get to the terrorist.

Bess and the team back at the White House will discuss initiating a render safe mission to take over control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons before they can be taken by those with problematic motives. They know that there is no easy answer to the situation created by the tweet and subsequent government implosion, but the latest Madam Secretary spoilers make it appear that the order will be made to move in and try to gain control of the weapons.

At the same time, Bess is gravely concerned about Henry’s safety now that she has learned that Murphy Station stayed behind as the others cleared out. Madam Secretary spoilers detail that Henry’s fate will continue to be unknown to Bess throughout much, if not all, of Episode 22. Henry already escaped death in the midst of this terrorist’s work earlier this season, but is his luck about to run out?

Rumors swirled earlier this season that Tim Daly was planning to leave the show. The actor admitted that he ended up adding to the speculation with a tweet he posted after the dirty bomb and radiation scare, but at least in that instance, he was safe. Will the outcome be the same as this situation in Pakistan plays out?

Daly told the New York Post that he has been determined since signing onto the show that Henry be utilized, and he made it clear that if he wasn’t, as an actor he wouldn’t be satisfied. Henry certainly is central to the action these days with Murphy Station, and despite the dire situation currently playing out, most fans feel fairly confident that Henry and the team will pull through.

Will Murphy Station be able to utilize the lead they got via the burner phone to track down Disah and ultimately destroy the terrorist organization? Madam Secretary spoilers hint that the fate of Henry and his team may be left unknown until the Season 2 finale airing on May 8.

As Spoilers Guide details, that finale episode is titled “Varitus” and Madam Secretary spoilers note that during that show, Elizabeth will get shocking news related to a key political operative. That certainly sounds like a reference to Henry and the team, but viewers will have to tune in to be certain. The finale also brings concern for Bess that President Dalton may be replacing her and Stevie gets engaged to Jareth.

What will it take to bring Henry home safely? Can the government manage to restore order in Pakistan, take down the terrorists, and keep the nuclear weapons secure? Sunday’s show will clearly be one jam-packed with action and Madam Secretary fans will not want to miss a minute of the action.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]