George Takei Not Impressed With #BernieOrBust: ‘Elections Have Consequences’ [Video]

Oh, my.

George Takei, actor and political activist, likes Bernie Sanders, but believes the #BernieOrBust movement is foolhardy and damaging to the very fabric of our nation and society, as many fervent supporters of Sanders have taken to claiming they will not vote for Hillary Clinton in the likely chance that she becomes the Democratic nominee.

On Wednesday, Takei posted a video to his Facebook page, urging those passionate supporters of Bernie Sanders to reject the “Bernie or Bust!” mentality and open themselves to supporting Hillary Clinton. So far, the video has over 2 million views.

“This is a message from me, to all who voted or will vote in the Democratic primary,” Takei wrote, introducing his video. “Please, try not to freak out, friends, and don’t troll others here.”