‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 News: Twisted Kids And Bloody Sets

American Horror Story Season 6 has been on the minds of million of fans around the country and the world. The theme has been slowly emerging through internet interviews and special media leaks. But what has been established so far can lead some fans to realize just what to expect from the monster FX series.

If you are true believer in the complexities of American Horror Story, then you know all too well that the show does not pull any punches from its audience when the core effect is intended to shock, disgust, and unnerve those who are watching it. It is almost like a sideshow in human depravity that shows just enough to get away from the network’s standards and practices censors, but a little more than the audience might be used.

Season 6 of American Horror Story will no doubt have that going for it, and it has already been announced that there would be some creepy, killer children in the next installment. But that just seems to be the sideshow attraction, and American Horror Story is looking to expand upon the theme for Season 6 to bring a new shock to its audiences. As many may already know, there were already creepy children in Seasons 5 and 1. They played into the horror of the American psyche very well and gave viewers a reason to cringe.

There is also the possible reintroduction of Emma Roberts to Season 6 of American Horror Story that fans have to look forward to, but nothing on that end is set in stone. If that does come to fruition, suffice it to say that there is every expectation that there could be a diva showdown of epic proportions between her and Lady Gaga.

If you were to also add Jessica Lange to the Season 6 cast of American Horror Story, then there is no doubt that it could feasibly land some of the biggest ratings for the network.

But there is one thing that star Evan Peters remembers about the very start of American Horror Story that could help fans realize what is going to happen in the show, given his details about working with creator Ryan Murphy on Season 1.

Peters did an interview with James Franco for Hero Magazine, and he gave fans a little insight into the early years of American Horror Story and how it has shaped the show it is today. Suffice it to say that there were some really bloody sets in the beginning, as reported by The Huffington Post.

“I remember one of the first days, we were shooting a scene and Ryan goes, ‘Ok, I want to have blood poured all over Evan right now, we’re going to put him in the corner and turn the camera on and it’s going to be great,” Peters told Hero. “You know how Ryan works, he’s very creative, it’s his show so he’s writing it and creating it as he’s directing. It’s very cool working with him and it’s very impulsive, I like that.”

Evan Peters, Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy on American Horror Story: Murder House pic.twitter.com/RRCtQHqNgf

— Jessica Lange (@JLangeUpdates) April 28, 2016

Peters also said that American Horror Story actually gave him a reason to really start taking his acting career, which he had already been doing for quite awhile, more seriously.

“I was like ‘Oh, this is a really good show, I have to start working out, I have to start eating right, I have to start trying to be good and not f*** up,” Peters said. “I was really trying really hard on that first season.”

There is no doubt that Peters’ hard work on American Horror Story has paid off for the show and it will be a thrilling surprise to see what he has in store for Season 6.

American Horror Story Season 6 will premiere this fall on FX.

[Image via FX]