Mother’s Day 2016 Tributes For Hearts That Grieve For Mothers

Mother’s Day is that one time of the year when the nation honors motherhood. Many people make special arrangements to be with their moms, or at the very least, most moms expect a phone call. OC Times Herald reports that statistics indicate that phone companies experience “the highest volume of phone calls on Mother’s Day.”

This year, America will celebrate the influence of mom in society on May 8, and in the days leading up to this classic tradition, many will hit up Hallmark to purchase the latest cards geared around the female nurturer(s) in the family. Hallmark Cards of the past have been focused on biological mothers, but the company is switching it up this year by releasing cards targeted to the “new normal” families. The “new normal” is “stay-at-home dads, divorced parents and same-sex couples,” per the USA Today. According to Lauren Benson, creative director at Hallmark cards, these cards will share shelf space with traditional Mother’s Day cards.

“Now you see a huge range of situations represented including pet moms to two-moms and former in-laws,” Benson said. “We are really trying to represent a diverse range of relationships that represent current society.”

Allen Adamson, founder of BrandSimple Consulting, notes that more than any other group, millennials are showing support to companies that celebrate diversity.

“Young consumers are looking not only at what the company does but at what it stands for and being more ‘inclusive,” he says, adding that offering cards for the LGBT community may especially be a win for younger groups.

Whether you’re young or old or rich or poor, Mother’s Day can also be a numbing 24 hours for hearts that grieve, and cards may not be attractive to those who have lost their mother. Yet the act of wanting to honor one’s mother on this day remains a resonating emotion for many. Such individuals find comfort in paying tribute to mom in order to lift their hearts. From purchasing gifts that give back, to simply paying it forward, the act of expressing a mother’s love on Mother’s Day can be both a rewarding and enlightening experience.

At her core, a mother is a caregiver, teacher, and nurse, (among many things,), and mothers also find time to listen, as the Examiner notes. One way to celebrate the essence of mom this year is by being mindful on Mother’s Day and taking time to listen deeply to someone, be it a friend, family member, or a complete stranger. Offering personal opinion and advice is certainly a vital part of communication, but simply listening to someone can be powerful for both speaker and listener. It helps forge a connection and strengthen the bond with another person. Lending an ear and allowing someone to be deeply heard can leave the speaker feeling healed and nourished. It’s the same “accepted” feeling a child has when mom/parent deeply listens to what they have to say.

Mothers are usually the peacekeepers and the glue of the family, and another way to celebrate maternal bonds is by paving the way to help others close festering wounds. Perhaps the wounds that need healing are personal. On Mother’s Day especially, grieving hearts may ponder on the type of advice mom would dish out to help family members find closure on a troubling situation. Take mom’s advice this year and take actions that will help bring the family together, or result in peace of mind. Perhaps a meeting of the minds at mom’s favorite brunch spot is in order?

Mothers are the first teachers of their children, and generally quite wise. A proper Mother’s Day tribute should call for daughters and sons taking a moment to teach another something enriching about the world — something they didn’t know the day before.

According to statistics, Americans spend nearly $20 billion celebrating Mother’s Day. Minister Louis Farrakhan thinks the country should boycott Mother’s Day, but if you are compelled to express your gratitude through cash this year, then consider this: Mothers use the resources that are available in order to provide for their family. So why not hit up your local grocery store and purchase the groceries of the mother standing in the check-out in front of you? One of the greatest gifts a mom can receive is the means to feed her children.

Mother’s Day can always bring out a lot of emotions, most especially for those who are celebrating the day after one’s mother has passed away, and equally strong emotions can be experienced by first-time mothers. Just as mothers take time to notice the little things, Mother’s Day can also be a day when daughters and sons take time out to simply encourage someone who is struggling day to day with uncertainty and doubt. Even if that someone is YOU! Spend Mother’s Day stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging in activities that are rejuvenating and inspiring. Go out there and make momma proud!

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