WWE News: Former World Champion Rips WWE And Triple H – Says His Contract Was ‘Illegal’

While many fans think that WWE is bringing in a number of great free agents and doing some huge signings to make the company better, not everyone agrees with them. A former World Heavyweight Champion has decided to let his feelings be known on the moves that WWE has made over the past couple of years, and they’re not complimentary. While he was at it, Scott Steiner also let it be known that his “Legends” contract offer from WWE was pretty much illegal.

Scott Steiner hasn’t been a part of WWE since 2004, and since then, he has wrestled on the independent scene in TNA, WWC, back to TNA, and now he’s back in the indies. The majority of his career was in WCW, and he was a legend in tag team wrestling with his brother, Rick Steiner.

wwe news scott steiner rips triple h stephanie mcmahon contract illegal rey mysterio cm punk rick [Image via WWE Network]Well, he just recently did an interview with What Culture Wrestling, and he had some extremely choice words for WWE. Some have wondered if he would ever do more with WWE or be a part of the company in some form or another, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen.

“WWE offered me a legends deal. My lawyer looked at it, and it’s basically illegal.It’s not worth the paper that it’s written on. So f*** them. That’s why a lot of guys are leaving…like Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. It’s a monopoly and the product suffers because of it. You have two dumb-*sses running it in Stephanie (McMahon) and her f***ing husband Triple H.”

Rey Mysterio and CM Punk parted ways with WWE in the past two years, and neither was on the best of terms. Mysterio wasn’t as bad and the door is still kind of left open for a possible return in the future, but CM Punk is likely never to return.

wwe news scott steiner rips triple h stephanie mcmahon contract illegal rey mysterio cm punk aaa [Image via WWE]Steiner was also not very complimentary about WWE”s treatment of either one of those talents, and the gimmicks they were given.

“How do you get rid of a guy like CM Punk? I’m a friend of Rey’s, he’s sold a h*ll of a lot of merchandise. It’s a monopoly…the only game in town. They want to treat people like **t and that’s why they leave. It’s tough to watch. You have a guy coming up and these jack*sses at WWE stamp a bull**t gimmick on them. It’s a bunch of s**t!”

Scott Steiner has not made it easy for there to ever be another relationship of any kind between him and WWE. Last year, The Wrestling Observer reported that Steiner was actually banned from the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony due to a situation between him and Hulk Hogan at an airport.

After that, officials and security had been told by WWE that he was not allowed in the building. This was also before things got ugly between Hogan and WWE, as well.

That was a year ago, and time has passed, but it appears as if Steiner’s opinion on WWE hasn’t really gotten any better.

Continuing on, What Culture Wrestling asked Steiner if there’s ever a chance he would return to WWE for any reason. Big Poppa Pump let it be known that it was all about the money.

“That depends on how big that Brinks truck is that they pull into my driveway.”

Scott Steiner has not made a lot of friends in the wrestling world, and he doesn’t seem to care about that at all. With his past actions and recent words, it’s pretty much a given that a lot would have to happen for him to ever enter the WWE Hall of Fame. His harsh comments on his Legends deal, bad gimmicks, and especially Triple H are pretty much a one-way ticket to never being a part of anything in WWE ever again.

[Image via WWE]