‘Quantico’ Spoilers: Alex, Shelby, And Caleb Make A Big Move As They Edge Closer To Identifying The Terrorist

It is almost time for the Season 1 finale of Quantico, and spoilers tease that there are plenty more twists and turns on the way. Alex is getting closer to uncovering the identity of the terrorist, but it continues to be challenging to know who to trust. What can viewers expect from Episode 20 set to air Sunday night?

As TV Guide details, the May 1 episode is titled “Drive.” Quantico spoilers detail that Alex and Ryan will be pushed back together again in several scenarios, and the sparks will certainly be flying. The NATS will be taking another step forward in making their choices for post-graduation placements, and some training exercises get the juices flowing for Alex and Ryan again as well.

Quantico spoilers tease that in the future segments, Alex will discover something new about the man she loves, which of course, surely refers to Ryan. While Alex is scrambling to figure out who the terrorist is, Ryan is scrambling to rein in Alex. Previews indicate that there will be some tense moments between these two in Episode 20 as he tries to stop her during a critical moment.

The next episode also features plenty of Caleb and Shelby and Quantico spoilers detail that their relationship will face an important shift. During the last episode, viewers saw that Shelby was on Alex’s side and she had been working with Caleb to sort through the mess regarding the terrorist. Previews indicate that Caleb will be brought to the FBI offices and questioned by Miranda while Shelby orchestrates a computer meltdown that forces an office evacuation.

Answers regarding the terrorist’s identity are coming prior to the Season 1 finale, which is Episode 22 set to air on May 15. Viewers have plenty of theories regarding the identity of the terrorist, but which theory will pan out to be accurate? There is plenty of speculation playing out on Reddit, and there is no real consensus yet when it comes to identifying the mastermind of the terrorist plot.

Could it be Drew who is behind these terrorist schemes, as many are beginning to suspect? He hasn’t been seen in the future action at all and viewers have now seen that he left Quantico harboring plenty of anger and resentment. It would not be a stretch to see Drew angry enough at Alex, given the fact that she revealed his tremors, to use her for this plot.


On the other hand, some can make a pretty strong argument for Brandon being the terrorist. He may not be at the center of the drama during the NAT training at Quantico, but there are plenty of signs that there is more to him than has been seen yet.

As viewers know, there are plenty of twists and turns in this show, and it is entirely possible that Natalie could still be alive and be the terrorist, that Shelby, Simon, or Caleb are not on Alex’s side as they’ve claimed, or that even Miranda, Ryan, or Liam could be working against the FBI. Many have discounted the idea that Liam, Ryan, or Miranda are the terrorist, but it’s possible that the theories could shift again during these last few episodes.


Quantico spoiler fans may all have different theories about who the terrorist will be, but most are consistent in agreeing that if it’s not a core character who has been significantly in the mix of things during this first season, it will come as a major disappointment. Will Alex uncover the truth before any more lives are lost? Who is behind the terrorist plot? Tune into the Season 1, Episode 20 show airing on Sunday night and stay tuned for additional Quantico spoilers as the finale draws near.


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