Kate Middleton: Hairdresser Reveals How The Duchess Stayed Calm On Her Wedding Day, 5 Years Later

It’s been just over 5 years since Kate Middleton walked down the aisle to her Prince and became the Duchess of Cambridge. Royal watchers are celebrating the happy couple who have maintained a strong relationship while in the spotlight and have since welcomed two adorable children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Though it was a while ago, Kate’s own hairdresser remembered the big day like it was yesterday and was reminded of the excited demeanor the soon-to-be-Duchess displayed. Richard Ward also talked about his own relief when he saw that his work had turned out perfectly on Kate. People shares Ward’s words.

“I have some incredible memories of that day. When she walked back into Buckingham Palace and her hair was all still in place, I cannot tell you the relief we all felt!”

The personal hair stylist to Middleton also shared how he and the remainder of her beautifying team were on call from 5:30 a.m. on the day of the ceremony and were busy right up until the moment Kate was revealed before her walk down the long aisle.

Ward commented on the Duchess’ demeanor as she prepared for her nuptials for the world to witness, and he shared how it was Kate who kept him and his team all calm, not the other way around.

“I’ve seen brides far more nervous that Catherine! She was fantastic – she kept us calm, not the other way round!”

Later in the evening, when Middleton wanted to get a glance at the back of her hair, Ward shared a fun story involving Prince William. The stylist was attempting to carry a large mirror for Kate’s benefit, to help her see his work, when the Prince offered his assistance.

“I wanted to show Kate the back of her hair [getting ready at Clarence House for the evening party] and I was struggling to walk with this 500-year-old mirror. He just said, ‘Let me give you a hand.’ And I said, ‘No, no, honestly.’ But he took one end and I’ve got the other and we’re shuffling along with this mirror – he’s great, he really is.”

When sharing his feeling about the whole magnificent day, Ward said that it was one that will go down in history.

“It was the most incredible experience and I’ll never forget it.”

It was an unforgettable day not only for Ward, along with Kate and her Prince, but for the rest of the world as well. Global reminds their readers of the massive audience that tuned in to see the gorgeous event unfold.

“After their ceremony, the duo celebrated with a reception at Buckingham Palace. Middleton wore a gown designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. [A]n estimated two billion people tuned in to watch their big day.”

Unfortunately, 5 years later, that McQueen gown is at the center of controversy, as Inquisitr recently reported. A lesser-known designer has claimed that she is, in fact, responsible for the design of the dress seeing as she sent the royals sketches that were very similar to the final piece, apparently before the McQueen gown was even made.

The Time reported on the alleged designer’s reasons for suing the fashion house over Middleton’s glorious wedding gown.

“Christine Kendall says she received letter from a royal official in January 2011 that thanked her for the sketches and mentioned that the Duchess of Cambridge was ‘most interested’ in her work. She claims the final design incorporates some of the concepts that she submitted.”

However, reps for the Duchess and Duke share that the couple does not recall receiving said sketches; and, as for the McQueen fashion house, they have simply stated that the suit is “ridiculous” and “nonsense.”

[Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images]