Tiwa Savage On YouTube: Husband's Adultery Accusations Not True [Video]

There is a YouTube video going viral, with Tiwa Savage sitting down with Pulse Nigeria to clear up the recent rumors of infidelity, as seen below. Titled "Tiwa Savage Addresses Tee Billz's Accusations In Exclusive Video | Pulse TV," the YouTube video has received nearly 400,000 views in 18 hours. The 36-year-old Nigerian pop singer revealed what Tiwa says is the truth about the troubles that plagued her marriage to Tunji "Tee Billz" Balogun.

Tiwa appeared pretty forthcoming in the interview, which lasted more than 45 minutes long. "Tee Billz" went through a hard time, said Tiwa, and her handlers actually hid her cell phone from her at first, so that Tiwa couldn't see what was going on with her husband and recent news reports.

It turned out, as reported by All Africa, Savage was accused of having sex with TuFace, DrSid, Don Jazzy, and others. The accusations came from a Twitter account associated with Tunji -- but Balogun later said that his Twitter account got hacked. Tiwa began crying in the emotional interview above, swearing that she never cheated on Tee Billz.

Tiwa even offered to take a lie detector test to prove that she has never cheated on her husband. Savage did say in the above interview that her husband was not faithful to Tiwa. Savage claimed that her husband spent many nights not coming home until 8 a.m. the next day -- or even as late as 2 p.m.

Tiwa said that she checked her husband's phone after strange messages from a "catering" company appeared at 2 a.m. That's when Tiwa said she uncovered messages through the WhatsApp app that showed conversations between Balogun and another woman, with the woman writing that Tunji was left sleeping in a hotel room after the woman awakened. Tunji wrote that the woman "knocked him out" -- presumably with sex, Savage said -- but when Tiwa confronted her husband about the messages, Tunji claimed he spent the night in the hotel with another woman just hanging out and not having sex.

As reported by Vanguard, Tunji claimed that he didn't write the posts on social media that accused his wife of having sex with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, and 2face. Instead, Tee Billz claimed his social media accounts were hacked, writing on @teebillzTEMP that his real account was hacked.

"This is a temporary account. My real account was hacked. #teebillz -- All the comment that was being made are not true and are not written by me Tunji Balogun #teebillz -- I am in the process of getting back my account and have contacted the appropriate authorities. All this writing is so not me. Read things I've written in the past, that's not how I write."
Savage, meanwhile, told Pulse Nigeria that she was finally done in the wake of her husband's adultery and other bad treatment. Tiwa -- whose real name is Tiwatope Savage-Balogun -- claimed that she did everything a wife could do to try and keep her husband happy and feel like a man.

Tiwa said that she wanted her husband to feel like the breadwinner. Savage admitted that her husband worked hard to promote the Nigerian singer-songwriter, recording artist, performer, and actress -- but Tiwa also said that she realized her husband was stealing from Savage. The first time Tiwa said she learned of her husband stealing from her was when she was set to perform and thought she hadn't been paid for the performance yet. Tiwa learned that she had in fact been paid -- more than the agreed-upon amount -- but the monies went to her husband's account, and she didn't know what he did with the money.

[Photo by AP Photo/Sunday Alamba]