Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Both Just Did A Justin Bieber

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction may not have much to do with Justin Bieber other than sharing pop music roots and the fact that most or all of them find Selena Gomez attractive (asked what he would do if he was Selena Gomez for a day, Louis said "look at myself in the mirror naked"). So it was a surprise today when both Harry and Louis channeled the Biebs.

Harry and Louis have thus demonstrated that they share a strong bond from their One Direction days that is psychic in nature, which cannot be broken by distance or time and which can manifest in the strangest ways! First, Harry followed Justin Bieber's lead and -- allegedly -- lopped off all his hair.

For a while today, both #RIPJustinHair and #RIPHarrysHair were trending worldwide. Harry Styles' hair, the most famous head of curls in the world, was thought to be no more.

The rumor sparked after a picture of Styles in a beanie surfaced. If you look closely, you can see that there is indeed not even one stray tuft sticking out around his ears or streaking across his forehead.

Is the hair gone? Either that, or Harry has stuffed it under the beanie very tightly indeed. Maybe Harry looped the elastic on his man bun an extra time that morning, making it super tight for the gym.

Or perhaps Harry Styles has lopped off his hair for his stint on a boat in preparation for his role in the film Dunkirk, reported by Unreality TV.

It's definitely true that there were no long-haired young guys on the beaches of Dunkirk in the 1940s.

Harry's dad Des Styles basically confirmed Harry's role in Dunkirk when he spoke about it this week, according to Teen.
"Des Styles hadn't tweeted anything since early February, so when he suddenly came back and posted a VERY interesting message, fans were blown away. He wrote: 'United in final, H has great movie role so I'm back! Had nothing to say after 1D took a break, back now. What are you saying about Dunkirk? X'"
Louis Tomlinson also walked some ground previously trodden by Justin Bieber today. Louis has connected with one of the producers responsible for resurrecting Justin's career.
Tomlinson took to Twitter to call Diplo's set in Vegas "sick" then followed the producer on Instagram and Twitter

Diplo soon followed Louis Tomlinson back.

Could Louis be planning to work with Diplo? Tomlinson has not expressed much interest in pursuing his singing career after One Direction -- Louis seems more interested in focusing on A&R (artists and repertoire), spending time with his baby son, and putting together the girl band he's building with Simon Cowell.

Perhaps Louis would like Diplo to produce on one of his new label acts, rather than on a Louis Tomlinson solo album.

In other One Direction news, a blurry but amazing -- and previously unseen -- picture of Zayn and Harry bonding a few years back also surfaced on social media today.

Harry is passed out shirtless on what appears to be a bed, while now-ex-bandmate Zayn hovers above him, a cheeky and mischievous smile on his face. It looks like Zayn is thinking about drawing something crude on Harry's body while he sleeps, or perhaps Zayn plans to wake Harry so abruptly the deep-voiced Cheshire hunk will eke out a high-pitched sound for the first time in his life.

Are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson co-opting the best of Justin Bieber?

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Sony Pictures]