NFL Draft 2016: Cleveland Browns Start Off Second Round By Drafting Emmanuel Ogbah

As the 2016 NFL Draft progresses, a lot of individuals have been drafted, and many rumors persisted. Who would go where? This seems to be a persistent question for each and every draft class.

Well, on the second day the Cleveland Browns answered that question for at least one of their draftees when they decided to take Oklahoma State DE Emmanuel Ogbah with the 32nd pick. In a lot of ways, this individual could be a steal in the 2016 NFL Draft because he has a fairly impressive resume.

The Cleveland Browns will first of all benefit from his presence because he is a former Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. He has shown a great many flashes of brilliance in that regard, and in order to be productive for the Cleveland Browns he will need to develop his hand move methods. With a lot of physical potential, this is a good move for the Cleveland Browns and shows they are serious about preparing for the future.

NFL Draft 2016 Emmanuel Ogbah Cleveland Browns
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Of course, in order to understand the draftee for any team, it is important to get to know them thoroughly. Emmanuel Ogbah has a unique life story, starting with his childhood in Nigeria. He has now grown into a 6-foot-4, 275 pound force to be reckoned with. He immigrated to the United States with his parents at the age of 9, and even then he was expressing an interest in this new American sport of football.

One interesting tidbit about Ogbah is that he has already earned a nickname from his new team: they call him “E.O.” but they have high hopes for him, preferably starting with opposing quarterbacks saying “uh-oh” when he is chasing them down.

Browns head of football operations Sashi Brown was very impressed with the young man even at the outset. “We had a first-round grade on him,” he said.

Although they could have traded the pick, the Cleveland Browns felt the opportunity to draft this player was simply too good to pass up. Even though the Cleveland Browns also had the eighth pick, they were every bit as pleased with Ogbah at the 32.

“There was every bit as much activity at No. 32 as there was at No. 8,” the Cleveland Browns head of operations said.


Of course, another area the Cleveland Browns will have to focus will be in examining the strengths and weaknesses of their new draftee. To start with, Emmanuel Ogbah is known as tough and lean powerful player who has a strong ability to rush from a strong and weak side. He is able to administer a great deal of sacks and is very talented at delivering tackles for a loss often as well. The Cleveland Browns will also be pleasantly surprised with the quickness of Ogbah, because he is able to deliver on a blow by blow basis reminiscent of an individual who is 30 pounds lighter. Moreover, Ogbah looked great in running training laps and read all kinds of good plays as well. This is a player who definitely has a lot of potential if coached well.

Of course, there are weakness in which Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson and the coordinators will have to pay attention to as well. To start with, Ogbah is a player who is too upright too often, which hurts his natural momentum. Ogbah is going to have to devote a great deal of training to his hand moves which causes him to get hung up with blockers. In order to thrive in this league, he is going to have to learn a “dip and rip” method in order to get around them.

What do you think about the Cleveland Browns drafting this great defensive end? Have you say in the comments below!

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