June 29, 2017
Why Did Teacher Show 'Human Centipede' Movie To Students At Tennessee High School?

A Tennessee high school teacher is getting a lot of attention in news reports and social media for showing students a popular horror movie. Entertainment Weekly reports that the unnamed teacher showed the movie Human Centipede 2, which has been described as a "torture porn" style of horror film.

Parents of the high school students were reportedly outraged when they found out that their teacher had showed them the controversial horror flick. This has led to the suspension of the educator, which may or may not be permanent. The school published a press release regarding this incident, and called it "unacceptable." The release also said that the teacher will remain suspended "pending the outcome" of the investigation that has been opened because of the movie-viewing incident.

The movie is a sequel of the original Human Centipede movie, which became a viral success. The ridiculously macabre plot was shocking, stomach-turning and even comical. The Jackson Sun reported that it is unknown at this time just how much of the movie the students watched. Another detail that isn't being shared is what particular class the teacher was in charge of that would make viewing such a movie at all necessary. Was this a film or theater class -- or was the teacher simply in the mood to watch an inappropriate movie with the students?

This incident has attracted a lot of attention on social media, including from the creator of the popular series of films, Tom Six. He has published a series of tweets about the Tennessee teacher, referring to him as an "awesome" teacher. The suspended educator will also get a signed copy of the movie that was shown to the students. The creator of the movie has also begun tweeting all the articles that are being published about this incident.This isn't the first time a teacher has been accused of showing inappropriate viewing or reading materials to students. A year ago an Ohio teacher showed students the movie The ABCs of Death. The substitute teacher also ended up pausing the movie on a scene which showed a topless woman when the assistant principal of the school caught her showing the movie to the students. This reckless incident led to the teacher being charged with five counts of "disseminating matter harmful to juveniles." Does that mean the Tennessee teacher in this latest incident could be charged with a crime for showing students Human Centipede 2?Do you agree with the school's choice to suspend the teacher for showing this graphic horror movie to the students? Whatever the outcome turns out to be in this bizarre saga, it's hopeful that more details make their way to media sources. There are plenty of questions that remain, such as why the teacher found it necessary to show the film. Did this teacher realize they were violating rules that could lead to the loss of a job?

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