Rumer Willis Celebrates Birthday With New Boyfriend Jayson Blair

Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, celebrated her 24th birthday this week with her new boyfriend Jayson Blair.

Twenty three wasn’t the best year for Rumer. She went through a bit of a rough patch with her mother, her home was robbed, and she got a new half-sister. (Ok, that last one isn’t bad.)

But now at 24-years-old, things are looking up for Rumer Willis. She recently started dating Jayson Blair, who plays Clay Clemmens in the original NBC comedy series The New Normal, and just adopted a new puppy.

So how did the young Willis celebrate her birthday?

It’s unclear what exactly went down (she did post a picture of some scandalous napkins), but it is clear that Willis had a great time.

Five days before her birthday Willis wrote on Twitter: 5 days til my bday…can’t wait to spend time with my family.

On her birthday she wrote: Happy Birthday Me…with my two favorite people @anniestarke1 and@jayson_blair

Her roommate Annie Stark wrote: Happy birthday to my lovely, amazin, hot as sh*t roommate @TheRue

The aspiring actress recently appeared in the NBC show Workaholics and has two movies coming up in 2013. Blair is also in a nice part of his career. After roles in Two Broke Girls and The Closer, Blair landed a starring role in the new show The New Normal.

Are you a fan of Rumer Willis?