Severed Human Head Found Near Toronto Park

Hikers trekking through the woods near a Toronto park happened upon a severed human head on Thursday, according to NBC News. The adventurers found the body part near a local river where, strangely enough, a severed human foot was found 24 hours earlier. Needless to say, Canadian authorities are desperate to identify the body and track down the person or persons responsible for this gruesome murder.

The Toronto Star reports that, while police are almost positive that both body parts originated from the same person, officials will not confirm this fact until a DNA test has been properly completed. However, police spokesperson Randy Cowan believes the connection goes without saying.

“Common sense tells us this is most likely related,” he explained. “Without a cause of death we can’t call it homicide, but certainly foul play — there’s definitely something amiss.”

The human foot was found in the Credit River, which runs through the city of Mississauga. Authorities believe the limb belongs to a female because the toenails were painted yellow. The head, meanwhile, was discovered in Hewick Meadows Park. Officials believe that both parts were dumped fairly recently, though they’re not sure if they were deposited in the park or if they floated down river from some other location.

“Typically in the region, there are always a number of outstanding missing people. The majority of those return safely,” Cowan explained to The Toronto Star. “We are going through those reports right now, reaching out to family members.”

“We’ll be looking for the entire victim,” he added. “It’s very disturbing.”

Mississauga residents have been understandably shocked by this discovery. Grace Hong, who admitted she often walks through the park by herself, says that she won’t be returning to the area anytime soon.

“That’s why I’m a little bit scared,” she admitted.

In an effort to identify the body, police are currently sorting through a plethora of missing persons reports. Anyone who has any information regarding the severed head and foot is encouraged to contact police.