If Burglars Took Maddie, Why Did They Leave Her Siblings?

It’s been nearly a decade since Madeleine McCann mysteriously vanished while on a vacation in Portugal with her family. With the past several years of searching and sleuthing, detectives have yet to find out what actually happened to her. However, they keep pondering on the possibility that the 3-year-old child was taken by burglars on that fateful night in 2007. The Independent reports that authorities think the British child was taken by burglars during a botched attempt to steal from the family’s rental apartment.

Detectives want to interrogate three men who were supposedly in the area on the night that Maddie was presumably kidnapped. One of the three men was working at the Praia de Luz resort at the time, and was known to be a part of a gang of thieves in the area. Detectives have called this a final lead in the search for what happened to Madeleine. British investigators are criticizing Portuguese authorities for failing to seriously act on this possible lead.

Whatever happened to Madeleine McCann surely wouldn’t have happened if her parents didnt leave a 3 year old and younger twins alone #neglect

— George (@_GeorgeMatthews) April 24, 2016

Over the course of this case, there have been countless theories expressed in the search for Madeleine McCann. However, Portuguese detectives originally declared the parents of the missing child as suspects. The theory of burglars possibly taking the missing toddler has also been expressed in the past, and has been met with a lot of criticism. That’s because Madeleine McCann was not the only child in the rental apartment on the night of her strange disappearance. She was left alone by her parents — Kate and Gerry McCann — with her infant siblings.

If burglars had abducted Madeleine, would they really leave behind the two other children (who were left unsupervised) in the apartment? This question has been asked by numerous people. It’s also been asked in response to the theory that the child was kidnapped by pedophiles. In fact, people have expressed a number of concerns about the two twin infants over the course of many years — using Twitter and Facebook to air their questions and comments.

#McCann fancy both running out of apartment crying my daughters been abducted leaving your twins alone
Could of been someone in the their

— 14M4n4r5E (@pur3sarc4sm) April 29, 2016

Do you think it’s possible that a burglar kidnapped Maddie during a botched burglary attempt? Or do you think this is another of the countless dead-end leads investigated by British authorities?

While the mainstream media reports on this latest possible lead in the search for Maddie, the child’s parents have reportedly backed out of doing media interviews. These cancelled interviews come on the heels of reports on their recent loss in civil court.

Due to this loss in court, former detective Goncalo Amaral will be allowed to publish his book Truth of the Lie, in which he directly accuses the McCann parents of having involvement in the disappearance of their daughter. Amaral’s victory in court against Kate and Gerry McCann has been met with a mixed bag of reactions. Many people are delighted that more people will see his book, while supporters of Kate and Gerry are outraged.

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