‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Hits Rock Bottom, Alexis Confronts Julian, And Carly Asks Questions About Josslyn’s Kidney

What can everybody expect during the week of May 2 on General Hospital? Spoilers indicate that there is plenty of drama on the way as several relationships hit rough patches. Which couples can work through these challenges and which ones will falter?

As Serial Scoop details, there will be trouble at the Port Charles Police Department. Both Anna and Carlos are trying to find ways to regain their freedom, and things are shifting due to influences behind the scenes. Soon, fans will see Anna hurling accusations toward Alexis, and General Hospital spoilers note that Anna will soon be hitting her breaking point. Julian has made some bold moves to try to manage this Carlos situation, and Alexis will be confronting him over some of her suspicions soon.

TV Source Magazine details that Julian will orchestrate an alibi he needs, and Sam will be pleading with her father as she worries about what may come next for him. Viewers will also see Carlos try to threaten Paul, but it sounds as if Paul won’t be taking this one too seriously.

Sam has told Jason a lot about the difficult past he has in relation to Franco, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that this will lead Jason to be quite concerned about Elizabeth and Jake’s expanding relationship with Franco. It seems that Jason may try to demand that Elizabeth keep Franco away from their son, but she will surely push back against his demands.

Andre and Jordan will take their relationship to the next level, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Lulu and Dante will consider what they should do next in their renewed relationship as well. Things got very ugly between Nikolas and Rachel/Hayden as they both pressured the other, but this complicated relationship isn’t entirely over yet.


General Hospital spoilers share that Nikolas will pull something dirty on Rachel and as the next few shows play out, viewers will see that she has a new scheme that would give her an edge over Nikolas as well. She will also face some questioning by the FBI and while she is in a pretty tough spot at this point, she clearly is not giving up or running from Port Charles.

The anniversary of Duke’s death hits this week, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Anna and Griffin will spend some time together talking about him. Griffin will open up to Anna a bit more about himself, but viewers can be sure that he will still be keeping his biggest secrets hidden for now. It’s become clear that he has a connection to Nathan’s former wife, Claudette, but the truth won’t be emerging on this front quite yet.

Franco will be sharing a sketch with Nina, but General Hospital spoilers note that she finds it rather disturbing. Fans will see Franco leaning more and more on his friendship with Elizabeth in the episodes ahead, and teasers indicate that Nina and Julian are growing a bit closer to one another too.


Carly is finally asking questions about Josslyn’s kidney transplant, and there is a lot of action on that front in the coming episodes. One of the first questions fans began asking when Jake suddenly popped up alive was about Joss’ transplant, as obviously the kidney didn’t come from Jake.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will ask Finn for help in figuring this mystery out and they’ll face an obstacle in Obrecht it seems. Carly will get a list of the people working at the time of the transplant and apparently there are some intriguing twists and turns ahead as this plays out.

Will it be Rachel or Nikolas who comes out on top after their next battle? What will Carly uncover about Josslyn’s transplant? Will Anna and Carlos both manage to get out of jail? Fans are anxious to see what comes next for Alexis and Julian as they work through this mess, and there will be plenty of action playing out in Port Charles on General Hospital during the week of May 2.

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