TNA Rumors: Ring Of Honor Owners Could Be Interested In Purchasing Company – Some TNA Stars Owed Six Figures

For years, there have been rumors that TNA Impact Wrestling was going to be sold to new owners, but the speculation has really picked up steam in the past few weeks. It certainly seems as if the company is really going to be sold before too long, and it’s the only way it would survive. Some reports have been coming out that some past TNA talents are actually owed money in the six figures, and something needs to be done. That something may end up being Ring of Honor getting involve as possible buyers.

The losses of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and many others is hard for any company to take. TNA lost those and many more, but has continued moving forward with new talent, but many of the same problems still persist.

tna rumors ring of honor buy purchase owners bobby roode eric young owed money dixie carter harris brothers [Image via TNA]Over the course of the past month, there has been a lot of strong talk that TNA could soon be sold to a number of different buyers. At one point, the Harris Brothers were even thought as potential investors in the company, but now another interesting name has emerged.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Sinclair Broadcasting has now started showing an interest in purchasing TNA. For those in the wrestling know, Sinclair Broadcasting already owns one wrestling company: Ring of Honor.

With TNA having such a large amount of history and a wrestling tape library that goes back over a decade, that is very attractive to Sinclair. There are some international television deals in place and owning a second wrestling promotion could work very well in their favor.

If Sinclair was to purchase TNA, it’s not known how they would work both promotions. They could keep them separate and run them as two different entities or they could end up merging them into one promotion and creating a bit of a wrestling super-power.

WrestleZone states that Sinclair Broadcasting is looking to changing the Tennis Channel to The American Sports Network to hit all walks of life in the sporting world. With the Tennis Channel available in 40-50 million homes, Ring of Honor would reach a much bigger audience and ROH TV could even expand to two hours per week.

tna rumors ring of honor buy purchase owners bobby roode eric young owed money dixie carter roh [Image via Ring of Honor]A few days ago on Pro Wrestling Report, the sale of TNA was being discussed, and Dave Herro of Great Lakes Championship Wrestling spoke on the situation. He said, via WrestleZone, that he would actually love to see a merger of the two companies and think it would be beneficial.

“I wish Ring Of Honor would buy TNA. They already have the infrastructure in place. They already have the TV deal alone. They’re already in more markets than Pop TV.”

Herro also spoke of the financial issues that TNA has had to deal with over the past few years, and he said that is why Bobby Roode and Eric Young both left the promotion. Both superstars appear to be heading to bigger and better things in WWE and NXT, but they left TNA for a reason and it was a big one, according to Herro.

“Bobby Roode and Eric Young left because they were owed a combined six-figures. How do you not pay those two guys? You let Bobby Roode go…a guy who could have gone to WWE, but he wanted to be loyal to the company. Thank God he left. He’ll be a big star in NXT. He’ll make the main roster in a year from now. Same with Eric Young.”

There have been reports that TNA was behind in paying their talent and also production and ring crews, but there wasn’t really any idea that it was this bad.

TNA has lost a lot of big-time talent in the past couple of years, and many of them didn’t re-sign with the company due to being owed a lot of money. Now, the promotion is in a lot of trouble, and something needs to be done to save it. If there is true interest from Ring of Honor in buying TNA, then Dixie Carter should look long and hard at their offer, or risk going out of business entirely.

[Image via TNA]