The Republican Party And Donald Trump: What The Rest Of The World Is Saying About American Politics

The Republican Party is experiencing unprecedented internal strife. Though lacking the physical violence of a Trump rally, there is conflict in the air as Republican leadership assess their alternatives to Donald and slowly realize as the primaries progress, there probably aren’t any. The voters have spoken.

The Republican Party and the entire American political system is under fire by populist movements. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump claim to speak for the people, and both are doing unexpectedly well in the primaries as party outsiders. Party insiders polled very poorly in the Republican Primaries. Is it possible the political party leaders in America have become so myopic they cannot see the needs of the people?

The Republican Primaries of 2016 have captivated the world and provoked some very interesting comments from the foreign media. Perhaps outside views might be useful at this time. Think Progress recently reported what newspapers all over the world are saying about The Donald vs. mainstream republican politics.

South Africa
Donald Trump and his populist movement were recently described in the South African Newspaper The Daily Maverick. The journalist compared the Republican Party primaries to their own political situations.

“In 2016, the American and South African elections will see powerful political parties humbled. Both will survive better than they deserve, on paper. But both will be forced into introspection, out of which both may rebuild their former glory. But only if they recognize where they lost their way and offer something that makes more sense to the ordinary voter.”

Could the Republican Party or perhaps both American parties be so out of touch with the average American that a populist uprising will ultimately take them into a state of humility? The overall tone of The Maverick reflects a cause and effect; Trump’s success is a result of a Republican party out of touch with average Americans. They believe that much like in their own country, an apartheid ideology springs from fear, and America’s political parties have ignored the needs of the people while pandering to Koch brothers and their ilk. This is making the masses fearful as they become increasingly disenfranchised. Is Donald the punishment one or both parties deserve for allowing the population to become so bitter as politicians ignored and perpetuated a painful recession? Reporters at The Maverick believe so.

The Donald has an unexpected fan in Russia. President Putin himself has praised the Republican front-runner.

“[Donald Trump is] a bright and talented person without any doubt.”

Ivan Nechepurenko compared Putin and Trump in the Moscow Times.

“Both are anti-mainstream and self-confident people who don’t feel constrained by political correctness. Both belong to closely knit systems: Putin is a graduate of the Soviet security apparatus, Trump belongs to the American corporate world. Both want to be portrayed as genuine men who are not part of the establishment.”

Donald Trump has another unexpected base of support, the nearly universal love of the people of Israel.

The Republican Party has long championed Israel, and the Israelis love Donald Trump more than most Republican politicians. He is a real favorite according to Think Progress. Only a few Israeli journalists do not like or agree with him. Ari Shavit, one of only a few Israeli detractors, wrote in Haaretz the popularity of the Republican populist movement made him frightened for America.

“As an Israeli Who Loves America, I Am Worried by Trump. After the astounding victories of the vulgar populist in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, it is clear to all that America is no longer the country we have known. It is no longer a nation with a prudent economic establishment, a contented middle class, and a stable political system. It is no longer a nation confident in itself, its identity and its future. It is a frightened, angry America. An America that has lost its way.”

Are The Republican Party and to a large extent the Democrat party oblivious to what Shavit observes all the way from Israel? Shavit seems to be less a detractor than an observer, noticing the fear and anger that grips Americans now. Is he right? Has America lost its way?

Donald Trump was compared to a hurricane in the Iranian newspaper, Shargh Daily. Iran sees Trump as a powerful foe and a villain of Godzilla proportions that will fall upon their streets and trample everything in his path.

“The Trump storm is coming…. It is a storm no one can stop.”

Enjoying Republican Party trade policies, that Obama only wishes to build upon with TPP, The Chinese press is not a fan of The Donald. It is not surprising since the leading Republican candidate insists trade should benefit ordinary Americans and opposes exporting jobs to China. Xinhua recently published an article describing Donald Trump’s success as a malfunction of Democracy, uncovering the limitations and weaknesses of a democratic system.

 Chinese Job Seekers Also Struggle To Find Work by Kevin Frayer

China’s state-owned Global Times believes even if he is not elected the damage is already done. Think progress provided this translation.

“Even if Trump is simply a false alarm, the impact has already left a dent. The U.S. faces the prospect of an institutional failure, which might be triggered by a growing mass of real-life problems,”

The Republican Party has probably not been understood or appreciated by the British since the Reagan and Thatcher era. This year’s Republican Primaries are not instilling their confidence either. In an Independent article Rupert Cornwell says he is very concerned about Trump’s statement that he would be handling foreign policy as his own adviser. Mr. Cornwell was also shocked and appalled that the USA could charge other countries for the protection they have offered their allies since WWII. The idea that European and other allies were freeloaders depending on the U.S. for protection obviously didn’t set well with him.

Donald Trump (Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images)

Donald Trump seems to be just as controversial throughout the world as he is in the United States. South Africa feels The Donald is just punishment for the political parties that ignored the problems of everyday Americans and allowed them to become fearful. Israel and Russia are both optimistic and desire a good relationship with this presidential hopeful. China and other Asian nations are concerned about the loss of trade while Iran and other middle eastern nations fear Trump’s wrath. Europe and Japan are both concerned about American isolationism and insulted by the idea they should help support America’s oversized and expensive military.

Most Republican Party voters want Donald Trump, while party leadership does not, but the rest of the world is also divided on the controversial candidate.

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