‘Marvel Heroes’ Soon To Celebrate ‘Captain America: Civil War’ With New Costumes, Team-Ups

Ten new costumes and two new team-up characters are coming to Marvel Heroes thanks to the release of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. During the month of May, players of the action-RPG will find these new costumes rolling out sporadically with the first releasing on the same day the film releases in theaters in the United States. On May 6, players can pick up new Captain America and Iron Man costumes inspired by Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

With a roster of nearly 60 heroes, Marvel Heroes will also include costumes for eight other heroes thanks to their appearances in the film. Ant-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, War Machine, and Winter Soldier will all have new costumes inspired by Captain America: Civil War. Additionally, two new team-ups are being released soon as well. A new Falcon team-up and an Agent 13 team-up are also launching as part of the promotion as stated by a developer on the official forums.

Marvel Heroes War Machine and Iron Man fighting Ultron mobs [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]Players can purchase all of what Marvel Heroes has to offer as part of the Civil War celebration now and receive the items as they release over the next month. The pre-sale includes two packs that heavily discount the heroes, costumes, and team-ups. The Deluxe Pack includes the 11 playable heroes featured in the movie, as well as 11 costumes, the two new team-ups, 10 Avengers Assemble Boosts, and four Mystery Boxes. The heroes included are listed above with Vision and his Avengers: Age of Ultron costume bringing the total up to 11. Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Deluxe Pack is $99.99 with a $280 value.

For Marvel Heroes players that already own the heroes, a Catch-Up Pack is also available. This pack includes the 10 new costumes, the two new team-ups, and two Mystery Boxes. This pack is $59.99 with a value of $125 according to the official forum post. It is important to note that this pack does not include the playable heroes. It is intended for players who already own the heroes but wish to purchase the new costumes inspired by the film.

Marvel Heroes Winter Solider entering the fray in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]The Mystery Boxes featured in the packs contain random items with a guaranteed hero or costume, one to three random Fortune Cards, and a chance at new items. According to the Civil War FAQ on the Marvel Heroes site, the possible new items included in the boxes are specific to the film. The random hero or costume pulls from the entire Marvel Heroes library. The Mystery Boxes come in two variations: one for Team Captain America and one for Team Iron Man.

Marvel Heroes players may have to wait for the Civil War celebration to begin, but the regular updates persist. Today’s patch adjusted enemy damage with an enemy tuning pass. Every single mob in the game outside of raids has been adjusted. Powers that were hitting far too hard should now fall in line correctly and damage from enemies that was not performing well has been increased. Density and enemy health, however, remains untouched.

“For this patch, we’ve made significant tuning changes game-wide to enemies and bosses across the board in an effort to improve overall balance of difficulty between different zones and challenges.”

A few other changes and bug fixes were also included in the patch as seen on the forums. Players should note that their graphics options may need to be adjusted since there was an update to the Unreal engine used in the game. It is also important to note that the current Half Off Sale, the discount on the Mega Pack MK IV, and the return of Advance Pack 3 are all about to end. Each of these Marvel Heroes offerings will no longer be available after May 1.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]