Police: Idaho Boy Tortured To Death Because He Was Hungry

Police in Idaho say that a five-year-old boy was tortured to death over a course of many hours — and the reason why he was allegedly beaten to death is saddening. NBC News 5 reports that the mother of the child has been charged in association with his death. The details in this case are horrifying, but will justice be served for the little boy who died and his sibling who survived?

Authorities in Middletown responded to a 911 call at an area motel to find a truly shocking scene awaiting them. First they encountered one child — a five-year-old boy who had life-threatening injuries. They also discovered a six-year-old child in the motel room, who had also reportedly been injured.

Authorities believe that both boys endured at least 22 hours of abuse under circumstances that are absolutely frightening. They believe that they were wrapped in sheets and then taken to a wooded area, where they were violently beaten for several hours. Authorities, at this time, are not clear on whether or not weapons may have been used in the alleged assault on the five- and six-year-old boys. Authorities believe that the motive behind the beatings was because one of the children took food without asking.

The children were rushed to the hospital, where the six-year-old child has been in recovery. Unfortunately, the five-year-old brother did not survive the horrifying beating he allegedly endured. WCPO News reports that this horrifying incident took place at Parkway Inn in Middletown.

Tragically, this is far from the only time a horrifying case of child abuse has made media headlines. It’s not at all uncommon for a child to die by the abusive hands of his or her own parents. One recent incident took place earlier this year that attracted national attention. Authorities say that 24-year-old Danielle Turner violently beat her three-year-old goddaughter to death. Shockingly, the alleged reason for the beating was because the child was refusing to eat while in the care of the Virginia woman.

Also earlier this year, a Texas toddler was reportedly beaten to death with various objects by both her mother and the woman’s boyfriend. The shocking reason given for why the child was so brutally beaten was because the child drank her little brother’s juice. This shocking case garnered a fair amount of attention in media headlines and on social media.

Texas couple allegedly beat child to death; Grand Prairie Police mugshots

As for this latest case out of Idaho, three women were arrested on the night of the shocking incident. Among the women arrested were the mother of the two child victims, a friend of hers, and her friend’s mother. However, as of Friday, one of the charges of child abuse against the mother has been upgraded to murder. No reports have indicated whether or not the women have argued against the charges against them. It also hasn’t been reported on what kind of circumstances may have led to this shocking crime of child abuse and alleged murder. Hopefully, the five-year-old child in this case gets the justice he deserves.

[Photo via Middletown City Jail]