Little Mermaid Surgery Ad Will Retroactively Destroy Your Childhood

A Little Mermaid surgery ad is making its way around the web after site BuzzFeed dug up the strange (and obviously foreign) plastic surgery promoting ad.

The Little Mermaid surgery ad seems to have been created in a world where Disney, the company that owns the iconic red-haired princess image, is notoriously litigatious. (And indeed, the company has gone so far as to sue three Florida daycare centers in the past for having unauthorized, unlicensed murals on their walls depicting Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy.)

And indeed, things like the Little Mermaid surgery ad do dilute the trademark and likeness of Disney characters, especially when appropriating them in ways with which the company with the wholesome image and strong vested interest in remaining “family friendly” might not agree. One might assume augmented breasts and tummy tucks don’t jive with the Disney brand in general.

The Little Mermaid surgery ad doesn’t even just hint at Disney’s Ariel or use an image with her uniquely-red hair. The advertisement tells a whole tale of Ariel’s journey from meeting Ursula to deciding to go under the knife the human way before getting to the main part of the image where a clearly augmented and two-legged mermaid smiles sultrily at ad-readers.

The Little Mermaid surgery ad comes out of a clinic in Venezula, Clinica Dempere. And, while the image won’t put them in Disney’s good graces, it is pretty safe to say the viral ad will probably get their business a bit of worldwide attention in coming weeks as it’s passed around to the delight and horror of Disney fans everywhere.

Does the Little Mermaid surgery ad hawking fake boobs and fin removal creep you out?

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