‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Crown Store Items Being Retired, New Items Like The Dragon Warrior Costume Coming In May

With the start of a new month just around the corner, players of The Elder Scrolls Online can expect new Crown Store items over the next few weeks. Like each month, new items are coming to the Crown Store both as long-term additions and limited time offerings. Unlike every month, a number of seemingly perennial items are being retired from the store in May.

Staring on May 5, new items will be available in the Crown Store on The Elder Scrolls Online. The Dragon Priest costume, the Dragon Warrior costume, and the Bal Foyen Nix-Hound pet will all be purchasable on that date according to the official site. On May 19, the Treasure Hunter costume and the Blue Oasis Dragon Frog pet will become available. All of these items will be in the store for some time with no foreseeable removal date. However, two new Crown Store items will be added for a limited time in May as well. From May 12 until May 16, players can pick up the Black Camel of Ill Omen mount. Starting on May 26, players can buy the Dro-m’Athra Senche mount. This glowing feline mount will only be available until May 30.

Elder Scrolls Online The Dragon Warrior costume coming soon [Image via Bethesda]May 30 will also be the day when several existing items in the Crown Store will be removed on all platforms. Eight costumes and costume packs will be retired alongside three mounts and three pets. For example, the Golden Eye Guar, the Palomino Horse, and the Senche-Lioness mounts are all being removed. The Daedric Scamp, Helstrom Ancestor Lizard, and the Shornhelm Shepherd pets are also retiring. The remaining list of items to be removed can be found on the official site.

All of the existing items that will be removed on May 30 can be viewed in the Crown Store section of The Elder Scrolls Online website. Each item is listed in its appropriate category with its price in Crowns listed on the thumbnail image. For instance, the Imperial Battlemage Pack can be found in the Costumes section and costs 700 Crowns. Players should also note that all the existing items that will be removed can also be previewed in-game via the Crown Store. Seeing the items on a character or alongside one may make the decision to either purchase or skip these offerings a little easier.

Elder Scrolls Online The Treasure Hunter costume coming out in May [Image via Bethesda]The month of May will also introduce the Dark Brotherhood DLC to PC players while console players will have to wait until June. As the Inquisitr reported, the next DLC will release on PC on May 31. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait until June 14. Dark Brotherhood will introduce the assassin’s guild to The Elder Scrolls Online for the first time. Players will be able to travel to the Gold Coast and visit Anvil and Kvatch, pick up new repeatable quests, and work their way up the new Dark Brotherhood skill line.

As players on The Elder Scrolls Online already know, the game came down for a hotfix on all platforms today. According to a ZeniMax Online employee on the official forums, the hotfix specifically addresses an exploit with Survey Reports. It is mentioned in the post that players that purposefully abused the exploit may have action taken against their accounts, and all players will notice that Survey Reports will function differently after the patch.

“Once the fix is applied, Survey Reports will be removed from your inventory upon discovering the associated survey site, instead of the first time you harvest a node from a survey site. Note that this is a temporary change, and will be revised once Dark Brotherhood is released.”

As of this writing, the PC servers are back up but the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One servers are still undergoing maintenance. Players should expect the remaining megaservers to come back online shortly. The Elder Scrolls Online players on PC had no patch to download with the hotfix, so it is likely that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will not need to download one either.

[Image via Bethesda]