New Online Mode Coming To ‘GTA V’ With Next Week’s Update

After providing Grand Theft Auto V fans with several straight weeks of in-game events and rewards, Rockstar Games is continuing to give players additional incentives to jump into Los Santos with a new week-long celebration in GTA Online where users can earn double cash and RP awards for completing select Adversary Modes.

While detailing this week’s current event on the Rockstar Newswire blog, the developer also announced that a new game mode will be added to Grand Theft Auto Online as part of free title update that is scheduled to launch next Tuesday. Like most of the recently released new content for GTA V, the upcoming match will introduce yet another Adversary Mode to the online portion of the game.

GTA V Packshot Free Adversary Modes are a quick way to add new features to GTA V [Image via Rockstar Games]The In and Out Adversary Mode will become available to play in GTA Online on May 3 and will give players a new way to experience the popular capture matches that can already be found in the game. What makes this new Adversary Mode stand out from existing content is that the match will automatically designate one team as the defender and the other as attackers.

Rather than simply stealing a single item from their opponents, the attacking team will also have to retrieve eight different packages from the defenders and deliver them back to their own end zone in order to score. The new In and Out mode will release with three map variations on Tuesday, giving GTA Online users several locations to try out the game’s next Adversary Mode.

GTA Online screenshot GTA Online is continually expanded with new content [Image via Rockstar Games]In honor of the launch of the In and Out game match, today’s newly started Grand Theft Auto Online event is giving out bonus rewards for playing several different Adversary Modes. Rockstar Games revealed that they will be changing which missions offer the additional payouts throughout the week. All Hunting Pack, Relay, and Offense Defense maps will feature the double rewards for the first two days. The event switches to boost the Hasta La Vista, Every Bullet Counts, and Keep the Peace modes on Sunday and Monday. Finally, the event will move to cover the new In and Out Adversary Mode when it launches on Tuesday. To help entice players to try out the upcoming content, Rockstar Games will then keep double rewards turned on for the new mode until the end of the week.

“All week long, jump into GTA Online and take advantage of a Double GTA$ & RP Adversary Mode Playlist, with rotating modes including favorites like Hunting Pack, Hasta La Vista and more. Hit the prompt button in the GTAV launch screens to dive straight in.”

Next week’s launch of the new rule set will be the second Adversary Mode to be released for Grand Theft Auto Online in less than a month’s time. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Inch by Inch Adversary Mode was just added to the game in the middle of April.

The ongoing success of GTA Online has led to the frequent launch of additional content for the game such as Adversary Modes and new custom vehicles. With today’s event announcement, Rockstar Games also teased the release of even more upcoming features that will be heading to Grand Theft Auto V in the near future.

“Stay tuned here at the Rockstar Newswire for future announcements of more new updates coming to GTA Online soon! A friendly reminder for those of you with thoughts and suggestions on additions or changes you’d like to see to GTA Online, please send those over to Our developers actively check it for consideration in future updates and it is the best way to be certain your ideas are heard by the team.”

Which of GTA V‘s new online Adversary Modes is your favorite?

[Image via Rockstar Games]