Beyonce And Jay-Z Divorce Rumors: Wedding Tattoos Missing Amid ‘Lemonade’ Cheating Drama

Soon after Beyonce and Jay-Z got married, they celebrated their union by getting wedding tattoos on their ring fingers. After Beyonce released Lemonade and Jay-Z cheating rumors started raging again, some think their marriage trouble may be real. Now there are reports that the superstar couple are no longer sporting their wedding ink, pointing to the collapse of their marriage.

Back in 2008, Beyonce and Jay-Z had the Roman numeral “IV” tattooed on their ring fingers. As Radar Online pointed out, the number four is significant to both Beyonce and Jay-Z because their birthdays both fall on the fourth day of the month; hers in September, and his in December. To make the number even more special, their wedding anniversary is April 4.

According to the report, Bey and Jay haven’t been wearing their wedding rings during several outings. That has many fans worried that they are headed for divorce and the super couple of hip hop may not have been so super after all. To make matters worse, their wedding tattoos also seem to be fading away, and there are whispers that even that might be due to laser removal rather than age and time.

Divorce rumors have plagued Beyonce and Jay-Z for years now, and her new Lemonade visual album certainly helped stir the pot. Despite the album’s overwhelming message of forgiving your man, has Beyonce been able to forgive Jay-Z for his alleged affairs, or is their marriage really doomed?

Ever since Lemonade was released, Beyonce fans have been trying to figure out who she’s talking about when she mentions “Becky with the good hair,” who supposedly had an affair with her husband. While we can only hope that the entire visual album was a work of fiction, the progression from one song to another seems to mimic rumors that have plagued her relationship with Jay-Z perfectly, all the way up to the end where she forgives him and moves on. Many wonder if Beyonce is working on her own struggle to forgive Jay-Z. Could his previous infidelity still be tearing their marriage apart?

So far, the Beyhive has attacked possible “Becky” Rachel Roy and inadvertently Rachael Ray, because her fans couldn’t tell the difference. They have also launched an attack on Rita Ora, who was rumored to be messing with Jay-Z when they were working together. They will probably go after Karrine Steffans soon because she came forward and recounted a time that she hooked up with Jay-Z before Beyonce was even the main chick.

With both Beyonce and Jay-Z no longer rocking their wedding rings, we’re left to wonder what’s going on with the wedding tattoos that used to sit under their rings. While Jay-Z’s tattoo has always been hard to see and faded looking, Beyonce’s reddish-brown “IV” was easy to spot until recently. There are even some very telling photos of Bey where she has her ring finger covered with a band-aid, making many wonder if she just had some laser work done. At the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show, Beyonce’s tattoo looked much lighter than in the past. Even more recently, she has been pictured with her left hand out and the tattoo was so light that it couldn’t even be seen in a photo. Does that mean that Beyonce has been working to remove the wedding tattoo that links her to her husband Jay-Z?

If Lemonade is real and Beyonce really is telling the story of how Jay-Z cheated on her, then it makes sense that both of their wedding tattoos are starting to fade. If their marriage is over, maybe both Beyonce and Jay-Z want to rid themselves of the permanent remind of their marriage vows by having them removed.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]