‘The Flash’ Season 2 Spoilers: The Identity Of The Man In The Iron Mask Is Absolutely Insane — Reveal Coming Soon

So far, Season 2 of The Flash has been quite masterful and so much better than the perfect season ended up being. It’s one of those shows that quickly launched into its peak and it just keeps on getting better with every passing episode. Now, the season finale is approaching and that is when one of the biggest mysteries will be solved. That is when the man underneath the iron mask will have his identity revealed, and it is going to “blow your mind.”

Please note that there are possible SPOILERS ahead for the current season of The Flash. If you don’t want to know what could end up happening, then stop reading now.

the flash season 2 spoilers finale man in the iron mask identity [Image via The CW]Everyone is wondering about one really big piece of information for this season of The Flash, and it’s the identity of the man in the iron mask. Everyone wants to know who it is, and so far, there have been clues, but no real sign as to who it could possibly end up being.

Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg did speak on the situation during this week’s press event, and TV Line reports that it won’t be simply a payoff. He said that the reveal is going to be something that no one sees coming and that it’s bigger and will shock you and “blow your mind.”

“Honestly, the two things I’m probably most proud of this season are [the introduction/development of] Harry and the identity of the Man in the Iron Mask.”

Those in charge of The Flash would not say if the actor currently playing the role of the Man in the Iron Mask is who will be there when he reveals himself. TV Line doesn’t believe that it will be the same actor as it would make it too easy to leak that info out before he is revealed on the show.

Teddy Sears plays the role of Zoom aka Hunter Zolomon, and he is the one who has captured the Man in the Iron Mask. The actor has said he honestly is in the dark and has no earthly clue who was actually going to be the man in the reveal until the season finale was filmed.

This lends even more credibility to the idea of the actual actor being in the mask as of now. Sears only put on the Zoom suit once it was revealed to be him on the show.

the flash season 2 spoilers finale man in the iron mask identity zoom [Image via The CW]Knowing that and taking it into consideration, any physical clues or movements that the Man in the Iron Mask is doing now won’t help you figure out who it actually is. Blastr reports that when he double straps the mask or taps on the glass, it may mean absolutely nothing and be just a way of show producers trying to throw the fans off.

That, in turn, makes it useless to try to figure who it out by height, hair, or body structure.

One of the greatest things about The Flash is that it constantly brings forth great episodes and storylines week in and week out. Adding in sub-plots like the identity of Zoom and now the Man in the Iron Mask keep running storylines going and make it all that much more exciting.

So many things are not yet solved nor have they been unveiled in Season 2 of The Flash, but why should they be? This is a comic book TV series that has a long future ahead of it, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Learning who the man is behind the iron mask is only going to be one of many mysteries that will be resolved. Now, the hardest thing is waiting, but the best thing is knowing that it will be well worth it.

[Image via The CW]