Anti-Trump Violence Continues In California As Hundreds Gather To Protest The Donald

The day after violence erupted outside a Trump rally in Southern California, several hundred protesters gathered in the San Francisco Bay Area to stop Donald from entering the Republican convention.

Anti-Trump protesters started gathering outside the convention hotel in Burlingame at 9:30 a.m. and by noon the crowd had grown to include several hundred angry demonstrators chanting anti-Donald slogans.

College students joined Mexican-flag-waving protesters, costumed demonstrators, bare-breasted men and women, and roving bands of young men with bandannas covering their faces in the angry anti-Trump protest, reports the USA Today.

“It’s really offensive to have him play on people’s fears. We’re not going to allow him to spread his lies here.”

The rally turned violent as a mob of protesters attacked a Trump supporter, snatching his “Make America Great Again” hat and punching and kicking him.


Police officers in riot gear pushed the angry mob away from the hotel’s front entrance in an effort to protect the Republican candidate, but The Donald’s campaign staff wasn’t taking any chances.

The Trump motorcade stopped on the side of the freeway, climbed over a barrier, and ran several hundred feet to enter the back of the hotel, reports KTLA 5.

“That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made. My wife called; she said, ‘There are helicopters following you.’ Then we went under a fence … Oh boy, felt like I was crossing the border, actually.”

The massive gathering of angry protesters comes the day after 20 people were arrested and a police car was overturned outside a Donald Trump rally in Orange County.


Outside the Thursday night rally in Costa Mesa, anti-Trump protestors threw rocks and beer bottles while chanting anti-Donald slogans and facing off against supporters of the billionaire who were unable to enter the rally after tickets were sold out.

Some demonstrators blocked a nearby highway entrance momentarily and used hotel benches to block traffic, according to a protester who spoke to the New York Times.

“I’m against Trump’s nativist and nationalistic agenda, which divides people and is very hateful of the other.”

Trump, the Republican frontrunner, came to the Hyatt Regency hotel in Burlingame Friday to speak with party loyalists, but faced severe security concerns as his detractors grew increasingly violent.


Several helicopters hovered over the site as police erected barricades and donned riot gear as they attempted to prevent the same anti-Donald violence that broke out in Southern California Thursday night.

Demonstrators managed to stall Trump’s speech by an hour as the Republican candidate sought safe entrance into the convention hotel.

The two nights of violence kicked off Donald’s California campaign as the golden state approaches its presidential primary with 172 delegates up for grabs June 7.

Protesters like 19-year-old Syrian-American Jann Kadahi have vowed to stop his nomination, however, reports the USA Today.

“We came here because we want to use our American right of free speech to say Donald Trump’s hate is not going to make America great.”


The anti-Trump violence that marred the sunny California Friday afternoon have followed The Donald across the country as his supporters and opponents have clashed over the Republican candidate’s ideology.

In Kansas, police used four cans of pepper spray to disperse a crowd of protestors twice, mere hours after Trump was forced to cancel a Chicago rally over security concerns.

In North Carolina, a Donald Trump supporter sucker-punched a protester, and in Ohio, Secret Service agents were forced to defend the billionaire from a man who rushed the stage.

[Photo credit: AP Photo/Eric Risberg]