‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Paul Discloses Sage’s Last Call Was Not To Nick, Did She Call Adam?

The Young and the Restless has had quite an emotional week, and it looks like next week will be a juicy one, too. The spoilers revealed that Sage was trying to call someone, and left them a voicemail. She dropped her phone and crashed her car as she was reaching for it. Soap Hub reported that Sage didn’t call Nick to tell him about Christian, it was Adam.

The Young and the Restless spoilers explain that Sage called someone in a panic. She told them she had news about Christian. Sage didn’t say that he was alive or that he’s living with Sharon as Sully. It was assumed she called Nick because before she left Sharon’s house, Sage told her that she was going to tell Nick that his son was alive.

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that she may not have called Nick, but Adam instead. It brings more questions than answers because why would Sage call Adam? Paul revealed in the preview for Monday’s show that Sage called someone, and it wasn’t Nick. He implies it was someone he wasn’t expecting.

If Soap Hub is right, Paul will announce on The Young and the Restless on Monday’s show that Sage tried to call Adam to tell him about Christian. If Sage believed Nick was Christian’s father, why would she call Adam? Is it possible that Sage knew all along that Adam was his father, but allowed Nick to believe he was his proud papa?

Soap Opera Digest revealed that on May 5, Sage’s loyalty will be questioned. Last week, The Young and the Restless fans thought Sage wanted to reach out to Adam to get advice about her marriage or another private matter. Now, it seems evident that she called him because of his connection to Christian.

The Young and the Restless spoilers explain that Adam has no idea what the voicemail about Christian could mean. He is perplexed that she choose to reach out to him about her deceased son. Chelsea says that she finds it bizarre that Sage called her husband at a time when she felt desperate and completely overwhelmed with some type of (intense) emotion.

The Young and the Restless just kicked off May sweeps and from the looks of it, it will be an action-packed month. In the first episode of May sweeps, Sage dies, and Sharon starts to plot a way to keep Sully’s true identity a secret. For once, The Young and the Restless fans were hoping (and praying) Sharon would decide to do the right thing and come clean about Sully’s identity. Typical of her character, she stayed quiet.

It looks like Kelly Sullivan isn’t losing any sleep over her departure from The Young and the Restless. Sullivan revealed on Twitter that she knew and asked for Sage to be written off the show so she could move on to other projects.

The Young and the Restless fans, do you think Sage called Adam right before she crashed her car? Voice your opinion about The Young and the Restless in the comments section below and come back later for more juicy soap opera spoilers, news, and casting updates.

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