Prince Family Feud: Singer’s Brother Hires A Lawyer As Siblings Prepare To Battle Over Fortune

When Prince died, he left behind an estate worth at least $300 million. To make things even more interesting, there was no will allotting his riches to anyone. Now, Prince Rogers Nelsons’ siblings are getting ready to battle over millions of dollars and it’s threatening to split the family apart even worse than they already were.

According to Radar Online, Prince’s sister Tyka is at odds with the rest of their siblings. Apparently, Tyka believes she’s entitled to more of his $300 million estate because she shares both parents with Prince. This is causing issues with the rest of the family, and one brother has already lawyered up.

Alfred Jackson responded to Tyka Nelson after she filed paperwork to become the administrator of Prince’s estate. Alfred, who is a half-brother to the dead singer, hired a lawyer to ensure that he got what he felt is a fair amount of the huge fortune that the “Purple Rain” singer left behind.

An insider reportedly told Radar,“There’s complete and utter chaos because Tyka isn’t well versed in managing anything like this. But the other half siblings are even less equipped to deal with it!” In addition to his full sister, Tyka, Prince had five half-brothers and sisters. After the shocking revelation that Prince didn’t leave behind a will of any sort, Alfred, Corrine, John, Sharon, and Omar want their fair share of their half-brother’s fortune.

There hasn’t even been an official report for the cause of Prince’s death, and yet his family is already feuding over who will get the most money. This isn’t uncommon when someone of his status passes away, especially without a will to guide his own wishes for the vast $300 million fortune. Michael Jackson comes to mind, in recent years, when the family quickly began to argue over who got what after Jackson’s passing.

The feuding has gotten so bad with Prince’s siblings that Tyka reportedly even banned Alfred from attending the memorial service that she organized for her brother. Days after the service, Alfred was escorted to the area where his half-brother was found dead, so that he could grieve Prince’s death after not being allowed to do so at the memorial.

Rolling Out reported that the biggest issue with Prince’s siblings lies with his sister, Tyka. She believes that because she shares both parents with Prince, whereas the rest of the brothers and sisters are only half-siblings, she should get the lion’s share of his legacy. That isn’t the case according to Minnesota state law though, which says that all six of the siblings are entitled to a fair share of Prince’s money despite their half-sibling status.

It’s unfortunate that the siblings can’t come together after the shocking death of their brother, Prince. Sadly, some believe this is far from what Prince would have wanted, and that he didn’t have a will because he tended to be very distrustful of everyone. Not to mention that his relationship with Tyka had been strained for years after the singer’s sister blabbed to the tabloids about their personal issues back in 2008.

There’s more to the Prince money grab than just his current assets, too. There is also the issue of who gets the rights to his vast musical catalog. That alone could be worth millions more in the future, and the person who gets to control rights to his music could have a huge impact on the future of Prince’s legacy. Will Tyka Nelson fight for the rights to Prince’s music, too? And just how much are the rest of the siblings willing to go to get a piece of Prince’s $300 million fortune?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]