Steelers’ Lamarr Woodley Gives Big To Hometown Athletics

Saginaw, MI – Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lamarr Woodley pledged to help local sports programs in his hometown, and, this week, he backed up that pledge with a $60,000 donation.

Woodley didn’t appreciate the pay-to-play fees in his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan which were a burden to many underprivileged children, so he put up enough money to ensure that all student unable to pay the $75 fee could compete during the 2012 season.

Speaking to local affiliate channel WJRT Saginaw Public Schools athletic director Jeffrey Goodwine said:

“It provides each student an opportunity to play. Some of the social economic problems that we’re having here in Saginaw, that takes a lot of pressure off a lot of the students, the parents. Now we know that a student athlete will play or participate if he or she wants to go out for a team.”

The $60,000 is approximately three-fourth of what Woodley earned per week; at $4 million per year, the linebacker brings home approximately $77,000 per week.

Students seeking assistance after the 2012-2013 season will have to wait and see if the school system keeps its pay-to-play program in place. Woodley has not said whether or not he’ll support the program with another large cash donation in the future.

According to Saginaw (Mich.) High football player Terrance Spiller

“Our team, it teaches us discipline. How to be a man in a way. Responsibility, like being here on time. Work ethics and how to get along with others, so it carries over into school and the real world when we go off to college and he’s just giving everybody a chance to continue that.”

Are you impressed by Lamarr Woodley’s charitable donation to help underprivileged youth in the Saginaw, Michigan area?