Annoying Windows 10 Upgrade Pop-Up Box Interrupts Local Weather Report

A local meteorologist was rudely interrupted by a Windows 10 upgrade notice while she was reporting on the weather on live TV.

Metinka Slater, who works at Iowa's KCCI 8 News, was warning residents of thunderstorms in the weather forecast segment when a pop-up box appeared, urging the computer owner to update to Windows 10.

Slater was showing some weather formations in the state of Iowa when the pop-up appeared. Fortunately, the meteorologist took the moment in jest and even managed to drop some jokes about the unexpected situation.

"Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10. Gosh, what should I do?" she asked rhetorically while still reporting live. "Don't you love when that pops up?"

Good thing the people behind the scenes were fast enough to react. It appears that they just dismissed the warning and still did not upgrade to Windows 10.

Last summer, Microsoft unveiled the latest iteration of its Windows PC platform, Windows 10. It was the Redmond-based company's answer to Windows 8 users who are missing the Start button that has become an iconic piece of the Windows ecosystem.

Aside from bringing back the Start button, Microsoft also included some Metro themes that made it look more modern and polished. The company also said that software will reunite all devices running on Windows.

This meant that all other devices that run on Windows – smartphones, tablets, and even game consoles – would have a Windows 10 version to make switching devices more seamless.

When the software was launched, the company expected to reach one billion users in the coming years.

While about 110 million users have already adopted the new PC operating system and left Win 7 and 8, a vast majority of PC users have not yet made the jump. A lot of users are pointing to compatibility issues with the current programs and applications they use.

Because of the slow adoption rate of Windows 10, Microsoft is becoming more and more aggressive in pushing users to upgrade. In an update earlier this year, the company pushed a feature that allows automatic downloading of files needed for the upgrade without the knowledge of the user.

If users keep Automatic Updates on its "recommended" setting, it will automatically upgrade to the newest version of the software.

A lot of people have since complained about Microsoft's recent steps, and like what happened to Slater and KCCI 8, one cannot guarantee when the Windows 10 upgrade notice will strike.

Since a lot of individuals, groups, and companies are using Windows on their PCs, the pop-up notice can ruin some very important situations. This may come up during a thesis defense or a PowerPoint presentation at work.

Fortunately, there is a way to permanently stop Microsoft from intruding other people's PC use. Never 10 is a free Windows application that can disable any upgrade of the operating system.

Created by Steve Gibson, the person responsible for other utility programs like SpinRite and ShieldsUp, the application helps users who are constantly bothered by the Microsoft notice.

Once the application is installed, it will automatically detect whether unwanted Windows 10 components or data have already been downloaded to the computer. This pre-downloaded files usually weigh several gigabytes, so clearing them would help save space on the user's hard drive.

Before moving forward, users needed to update Windows Update to its latest version. A message will be displayed on the Never 10 screen that automatic Windows upgrade is enabled. Users would simply need to press "Disable Win10 Upgrade" and they're done. After that, they can use their Windows 7 or 8 PCs without Microsoft's "nagware."

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]