Johnny Manziel Sadly Watches 2016 NFL Draft In Ohio Bar While Buying Patrons 300 Shots

Just days after Johnny Manziel was indicted for beating his former girlfriend, he was photographed watching the 2016 NFL Draft in an Ohio bar, drinking and buying 300 shots for strangers. Only two years ago, in 2014, Johnny Manziel was a big deal, known as “Johnny Football,” and was the first-round draft pick by the Cleveland Browns.

According to the Inquisitr, Johnny Manziel was dumped by his second manager and Nike after he was indicted for beating a former girlfriend. According to reports, he allegedly hit her so hard that she lost her hearing in one ear. Several former pro athletes have gone public to say if Manziel wants an NFL career, he needs to clean up and stop flaunting his excesses.

The New York Daily News obtained video footage as well as social media confirmation that Johnny Manziel was watching the 2016 NFL Draft in a Columbus, Ohio, bar before attending a Justin Bieber concert. He then hit another bar to catch up on the draft. In terms of overindulgence, Manziel doesn’t seem to have learned any lessons.

The photos in the bar show Manziel in an old sweatshirt and wearing a sweatband around his head although he has not had an official workout in nearly a year. Compared to the photos from the 2014 NFL Draft, where Manziel is wearing a nice suit and appearing happy, in two short years, Manziel has spiraled down and is unemployed.

But there Johnny Manziel was, in the Dahlia Bar and Lounge in Columbus, buying 300 shots of Fireball whiskey and Miller Lites instead of getting an invite as a former Heisman Trophy winner. Manziel is seen with the crowd he’s been getting into mischief with, hitting bars in Columbus, Ohio, and getting backstage passes at the Justin Bieber concert.

Social media lit up with the sad downfall of Johnny Manziel, particularly Twitter.

“2 yrs ago he was a 1st rd pick…now hes unemployed watching it at a bar in Columbus b4 the Bieber concert .”

Manziel was also seen at another Columbus bar, the Barley House, where he continued drinking heavily.

The Huffington Post says that Johnny Manziel was having a moment of nostalgia, watching the 2016 NFL Draft in a bar in Ohio. For many, this would be a sobering event, but Manziel just kept drinking and buying Fireball shots for everyone. Justin Block of Huffington Post shared his own opinion, stating that Manziel continues to make huge mistakes despite the flashing red warning lights.

“As a legally recognized adult, Manziel is free to make his own decisions, visit bars and attend Bieber concerts. The problem is, Manziel is also ostensibly a professional football player — currently an unemployed one — and he’s been spotted at more bars, parties and music festivals this offseason than gyms or practice fields.”

Block says that seeing Manziel hunched over on a Columbus, Ohio, bar stool shows how far he has fallen in just two years. He mentioned that just two years ago, Manziel was the belle of the ball, hanging out with NFL elite, and being wined and dined. Now Manziel is hanging out with Justin Bieber and his crew and buying Fireball shots for bar patrons in Columbus, Ohio.

The Manziel crowd at the bar was referred to as a loud one, and Manziel didn’t order the Fireball shots on the sly but rather he grabbed the DJ’s mic and yelled an order to the bartender for 300 shots.

Manziel has reportedly been on a never-ending bender, as he admitted that all of the attention was overwhelming and unexpected. He likened the attention to that dealt with by Justin Bieber, according to a statement to reporters.

“The spotlight is 10 times brighter and 10 times hotter than I thought it was two months ago. I guess I feel like Justin Bieber or something. I never thought it would really be that way.”

Do you think that Johnny Manziel will ever play in the NFL again? Do you think he will play in Canada?

[Photo by Scott Eklund/AP Images]