‘True Detective’ Season 3 Cast, Renewal: HBO Having Problems Casting A-List Stars After Season 2 Flop?

Fans of True Detective were clearly surprised when multiple reports suggested that the hit HBO series had already been cancelled. An ad before Game of Thrones, which listed the series as “complete,” caused viewers to worry that it was an indication that the show was done for good.

According to Fansided, an ad before the series premiere of Game of Thrones caught fans of True Detective by surprise. The commercial reportedly showed several HBO series, both airing and completed. Tthe network tagged True Detective as a “complete series,” which caused many to wonder if this was to be taken as an indication that the network secretly cancelled the show.

The outlet, however, insisted that this was not the case. They pointed out that most of the clips used for the ad came from True Detective Season 2, which could mean that the network just considered the second season as being “its own series.”

“The ad didn’t show season one, which would have been a wise move if the series really was over. HBO would have wanted to include a clip of the first season as it was, by far, the better received season.”

In another article, Fansided insists True Detective Season 3 is going to happen soon enough. While fans have not heard much about the show in a while, the outlet points out that does not mean the series has been cancelled. They maintain that, perhaps HBO is still ironing out details for the third season, such as whether creator Nic Pizzolatto will be still be running the show. It has been said that HBO will most likely announce everything about True Detective Season 3 at once: the plot, the cast and its premiere date.

At the time of this writing, not much is known about the True Detective Season 3 cast. Early this week, it was rumored that Olivia Munn will be part of the HBO series, after she posted a photo on Instagram with a bunch of friends and captioned it, “True Detective Season 3.” Unfortunately, Movie Pilot reported that the actress was actually just filming a comedy movie titled Office Christmas Party, along with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston.

According to Fansided, it may be a while before we hear news about the True Detective Season 3 cast. Given that the past two seasons had A-list celebrities, it might be safe to assume that viewers have come to expect nothing less.

It may not have taken much for producers to convince Colin Farrell (Detective Ray Velcoro), Rachel McAdams (Detective Ani Bezzerides) and Taylor Kitsch (Officer Paul Woodrugh) to come on board for the second season given the stellar reviews from both critics and viewers alike during the first season. Unfortunately, not the same can be said for True Detective Season 2. The outlet pointed out that HBO and Nic Pizzolatto would have to convince actors that they will not repeat the same mistakes made in the second season.

“It’s possible that many actors out there are now looking at True Detective with a skeptical eye — they’re not sure if True Detective can recover… It has taken a step back and it needs to prove itself again.”

Speaking to Zap2It back in 2015, HBO president Michael Lombardo said that the network has not lost faith on Pizzolatto amid the negative reviews for True Detective Season 2. He explained that they consider Pizzolatto “one of the best writers” today and were incredibly proud of his work on the HBO series.

“If he wanted to do another season, I told him our door is open. I’d love to do another season with him,” he said.

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[Image via HBO]