Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Headed For A Split? 'The Bachelor' Star Tells His Fiancee To 'Get A Job'

Perry Carpenter

Things are continuing to go downhill between Ben Higgins and his new fiancée, Lauren Bushnell. While the Bachelor stars fight off break-up rumors, it now appears as though Bushnell's inability to secure a job is starting to put additional strain on their relationship. Are they doomed for a split before they walk down the aisle?

A source close to the couple recently told In Touch Weekly that Higgins has been pressuring Bushnell to find work. Bushnell picked up and moved to Higgins hometown following her time on The Bachelor. However, the former flight attendant is apparently having trouble adjusting to her new life in Denver and is unwilling to find a steady paying job.

"Ben has told Lauren numerous times to get a job," the source told the outlet. "She isn't contributing to their life at all."

While Higgins tries to convince her to find employment, there might be a good reason why Bushnell is hesitant to settle down. After all, Bushnell had to leave everything behind after she accepted Higgins' proposal during the Bachelor finale. This included leaving her friends, family, and her old job in L.A., which could not have been an easy process.

With Bushnell unwilling to find work in Denver, she is reportedly trying to convince Higgins to move to L.A. Whether or not she is successful is yet to be seen, but considering their success on reality TV, a move to Hollywood might not be a bad idea.

"She's usually good at getting her way," the insider added.

That being said, Design & Trend is reporting that Bushnell's pressure to move might put additional strain on their relationship. After all, Higgins is already well established in Denver and has a good career going for him. Furthermore, the couple has faced other issues since the end of The Bachelor that have threatened to tear them apart.

In fact, this was reportedly their biggest issue following their engagement and proved to put a lot of tension on their relationship.

"Everyone around them can feel the awkwardness," a source shared after the finale. "It's unclear if they will last. Things between them are getting worse."

To add more complications to their story, Fletcher is currently working on the new season of The Bachelorette. Although she lost out on Higgins' love, she won big by landing a part in the hit series. With Fletcher's time in the spotlight only beginning, her appearance on TV will likely bring up old memories between Higgins and Bushnell.

However, neither Bushnell nor Higgins have officially commented on the matter. Further, the two have gone out on several dates in Denver and are at least trying to work on their relationship. Although an official wedding date has not been announced, they are still expected to follow through with their plans to marry at some point in the near future.

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