Donald Trump Uses Conspiracy Theories And Sexism To Attack Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump’s latest attacks on Hillary Clinton have been largely based on her gender and her health. In a barrage of personal attacks, which have characterized his campaigning style since the beginning, Trump has begun his offensive on Clinton, his potential opponent in the general election.

If Hillary Clinton “were a man,” Trump said on Tuesday, “I don’t think she would get five percent of the vote.”

Further, according to CBS News, he stated that the only thing Clinton has “got going for her” is the “woman card.”


By saying that Hillary Clinton has the support she has today because she is a woman, Trump has been implying that Clinton’s gender in the presidential race has been an advantage for her and that she has had it easy because of the fact that she is female.

This easy dismissal of Clinton and the reduction of her percent of the vote as being due to the “woman card” has started to raise eyebrows.

In response to Donald Trump’s attack on Hillary Clinton, Patti Doyle tweeted out the following.

This tweet grew into a larger editorial for CNN, where Donald Trump’s gender-based attacks on Hillary Clinton were further criticized as sexist.

Patti Doyle even added a quote from Clinton herself in the end.

“Clinton once told me when I was dealing with sexism in my own career, ‘Patti, the best way to prove them wrong is to win.'”

While Hillary has not formally responded to Trump’s taunts about her gender, her response to many of his attacks has been dismissal (as previously reported by the Inquisitr on Clinton’s response to Donald Trump’s new nickname for her).

As the New York Times reports, “Mrs. Clinton’s advisers said that she would not directly respond to such attacks or allow them to stop her from calling Mr. Trump sexist.”

Clinton’s strategy, then, as presented by the Times as well as Doyle, has always been to win rather than getting entangled in Donald Trump’s insults.

By what appears to be a coincidence, it was only a few hours before Trump’s speech on Clinton’s frequent playing of the “woman card” that the Democratic front-runner herself had mentioned in her victory speech in Philadelphia.

“If fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the ‘woman care,’ then deal me in.”


Nonetheless, Trump’s gender-based attacks on Hillary Clinton have extended beyond his slights about her playing the “woman card” to mocking her about her health as well.

Trump’s campaign has, according to Think Progress, recently embraced an internet conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is not fit to run for president based on health issues.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager has recently called into question Clinton’s health in response to an interviewer’s query about Hillary’s “deep and persistent cough.”

Trump himself has previous called Clinton “low-energy,” “not strong enough,” and lacking in “stamina.”

This questioning of Clinton’s health stems from several internet theories about the Democratic front-runner’s health, which count the number of times she coughs during public speeches. Bizarrely, a recently released video contains a collection of all of Hillary Clinton’s coughing fits.

However, Trump’s questioning and internet theories/videos aside, Hillary Clinton has already released her health record, which deems her in appropriate physical fitness to run the country.

In light of Donald Trump’s obvious gender-based attacks on Hillary Clinton and Clinton’s potential to be the first female president of the country, the 2016 presidential race has the potential to be explosive if both Trump and Clinton gain the Republican and Democratic tickets, respectively.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]